(1961; Italy) Antonio Marras was born in 1961. He has an autodidact approach as he grew amidst fabrics and embroideries in his father’s shop. He presented his first prêt-à-porter collection in 1997, but the first collection bearing his name was tailored in 1998. The collection was dedicated to writer Annemarie Schwarzenbach and was based on vintage clothes with a mix and match of rich, poor, male and female and traditional Sardinian costumes inspirations. He always preferred living and working in Alghero, where he has his residence.

Over the years he collaborated with several brands such as “Piano Piano Dolce Carlotta” and “Trend Les Copains” and since 2003 he was Artistic Director for Kenzō maison.

His collections took inspiration from his land, Sardinia, with its simple and traditional materials, but also from Art (Klimt), Cinema (1930’s and 1940’s film noir), Japan (Kimono), Theatre (Gogol and Shakespeare’s Ofelia), and the early 20th century Russian ballet.

He likes to experiment different styles combinations, because he loves contaminations, also between different materials, overlapping elements to create something unique: his fashion style is symbolic and eclectic. Embroideries, decorations, overlapping fabrics, different fantasies: these are the main topics of his art.

His collections are strongly narrative : there is always a story line created through images and symbols. The continuous experimentation is expressed by the use of main topics of his style: the deconstruction of shape, the ornament interpreted as a symbolic element, the fusion between different cultures and the trip.

He recently re-acquired his brand and among his customers are John Galliano e Viktor & Rolf. Moreover, he’s carrying out his “Laboratory” collection (“Il laboratorio”). This is not prêt-à-porter and yet not haute couture in the true sense of this word. In this collection of limited edition, made in Sardinia, each piece of clothing is unique because made of non-mass-produced fabrics . Each item is created using pieces of cloth and ripped fabrics, deconstructed and at times reconstructed and embellished with embroideries and folk decorations.

Marras has also created a unique collection, “I’m Isola Marras”, with the aim to combine quality with accessible price.In his boutique in Milan he has gathered up, under the label “Archivio”, the most popular and coveted garments from past collections which have become symbolic items of the maison.