Archivio tessile. 230 tessuti nella pratica degli stilisti

230 fabrics in the practice of stylists


230 fabrics in the practice of stylists

In the introduction, the author exposes the cultural backgrounds within which weaving and its productive varieties can be placed, which are then used in practice by stylists.
The text is therefore of considerable interest not only for insiders, but also for all those who are attentive and sensitive to grasping culture in all dimensions of human life.
Keys to reading are proposed to know the elements and their relationships that make up the varieties of fabrics, determining what characterizes them in their peculiarity.
The 230 cards, one for each fabric analyzed and organized according to a functional classification, contain a large number of information on the history, the constitutive and production characteristics, the processing techniques, the use that has been made of it by famous stylists and the privileged one in tailoring practice.

Over 200 photographs

The beautiful photographs by Gianni Pucci that accompany the text have been wisely chosen to complete, enhance and clarify the contents.
Fabric, one of the necessary and irreplaceable materials for our survival, is the foundation of a suit, with its peculiarities of taste, style, price, aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and resistance. In the complexity of fashion it is important to consider the synergy that the fabric must create in the aesthetic, psychological, productive and commercial fields. The book offers over 200 types, useful for its recognition and the qualities that accompany it. From the simplest and most linear, the canvas, to the more complex and elaborate ones, the use by stylists in the context of contemporary fashion is described by the thousands of images by Gianni Pucci, taken directly from the rich reportage of the fashion shows of pret à porter and haute couture. The choice of these photos illustrates the possible uses, according to the most recent proposals of the stylists and reflects the expressive potential of the fabric, declined in its many variations, as a useful sample in movement on the catwalks all over the world.
Truly a piece to keep in any fashion designer bookcase.
A truly extensive (photographic) textile archive, full of information on fabrics combined with the photos of the catwalks.


Author: Stefanella Sposito
Illustrator: Gianni Pucci
Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Hoepli (October 2014)
Language: Italian
ISBN-10: 8889628294
ISBN-13: 978-8889628294