Back to the Nature

SEASON F/W 2017-18



CONCEPT:  In a world where we feel almost compelled to follow social patterns, to keep pace with technology, now is time to connect with the nature and go back to taste old traditions, in all fields. 

In fashion, designers have the task to transform waste into natural materials: nature is becoming a recognized part of the design process. The colors must transmit planet shades including all the elements of nature: water, earth, fire and air.

Nature is a never-ending source of inspiration for designers giving us the raw materials to create and to realize but above it offers us wonderful landscapes for inspiration.


COLORS: The colors take on a new importance thanks to the wonderful tones that the nature gives. Beyond the product design, colors will be used to create immersive and physical experiences. Playing with the nature of colors we will be able “to wear nature”.

colour FW2017 2018 back to nature


MATERIALS: Immersing ourselves in nature will be created a new empathic relationship with the planet. Our planet has lot to offer us and we must be able to take advantage of what nature offers us: wool, cotton, silk but we can play with materials that come from trees, from the sea, from the land… we must focus on natural !

fabrics FW2017 2018 back to nature