(1942; USA) He is an American fashion designer originally from the Bronx who since a child grows with the passion of fashion, drawing and sewing. As a boy, after 5 years of ranks he decides to set up business and with Barry Schwartz, his schoolfriend, he creates a true empire. Inspired by the fresh and unpretentious style of urban youth in New York, he began to design garments with a “clean” cut and this will always remain his characteristic, together with his image and the type of advertising that offer, always with an erotic tone.
In ’71 he adds the sportswear and the casual wear (also the practical will remain his strong point) characterized by a perfect tailoring cut; instead he use a vanished color for superimposed garments. His skill is in combining the practical and preciosity, being able to give harmony to the garments. An important turning point was is marriage with Kelly, who works at Ralph Lauren and who gives a more feminine impression to the daily garments (in addition to the adding of real evening dresses), always using not so much valuable materials.

It is the simplicity of the models combined with the research of the patterns, the lack of too particular accessories and the use of cheap fabrics that make him a suitable mass production-designer.