The ink colors are inks with bright colors that can be diluted with water.
They can be used with different techniques: “colors on wet paper”, in which the color is dripped onto the sheet and blown in different directions to obtain creative effects; “colors with brush and nib”, in which the ink is applied with a brush in order to create effects similar to those of watercolor and then with the nib the lines are outlined and finally the “colors on wet paper”, where the effect of wet paper, the color expands, producing branching and broadening effects.
We also find different types of pens: the classic one with the nib, which creates a calligraphic sign and can be affected by the pressure exerted by the hand as well as being of different types; that of bamboo that draws a thicker mark; that of goose or the toothpick (they can be like toothpicks or even orange ones) which forms a thick line.
The sheet most used for this instrument is the rough F4.