The “CONCORSO NAZIONALE MODA & ALTA MODA “L’ELEGANZA DEGLI ANNI ’30” is a competition of “EDI Events” agency , hereafter referred to simply as “EDI”, with office in Strada Hermitage 120, Pecetto Torinese (TO), Italy.

The competition has the objective to search new Italian fashion talent, with the purpose of supporting them in their process of growth through various promotional activities (events and advertising campaigns paper and/or on-line promoted by EDI). The competition is aimed at students, young designers and emerging designers, with no age limit.

– The designers can participate by submitting from 3 up to 5 outfits
– Students or young designers can present a mini collection from 3 up to 5 items
– Fashion skecthes in the A4 format
– The designers “over ” (from 30 up) will present a mini collection with 3 / 5 garments – a mini collection can be present even in group leaders – the dress will be both male and female or accessories.

It’sguaranteed equal opportunities between women and men, pursuant to Legislative Decree 11 April 2006, no. 18

The competition is addressed to all those who wish to succeed in the world of fashion thanks their creations.
Contestants must be eighteen (18th) years old.
They will  accept only works designed by the same competitor.

In the application form the candidate must declare, under their own responsibility, in accordance with articles 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree 28/12/2000, n. 445: place, date of birth , citizenship, residence registered at birth, and social security number;

1. name and surname; educational qualification, with specific indication of the type of diploma, the school
2. the date and the city;
3. if students, name of course of study;
4. having been convicted by specifying the offenses;
6. the address at which any notices must be received , with the exact
7. indication of the ZIP code and telephone number; candidates are
8. required to report promptly in writing of changes in addresses;

9 . that the statements made in the application are documented .
The Administration reserves the right not to admit candidates in the competition proceedings concerning those found to
convictions for offenses such as to be seen as incompatible with the activities of the project .
The application form must be signed by the young , with a legible signature and written
hand ( in manuscript ) . In case of delivery , the application shall include the
photocopy of a valid identity document .


The deadline for submission of the application and 15 September 2013 at 19.00 .the application form , complete with all its parts, must be delivered or sent in sealed envelope on which is necessary to bring the inscription: “Contains application form at the National Competition of Fashion & Haute Couture – ” The elegance of the 30s ” To be delivered by mail, enclosing a photocopy of a valid identity card at: 120 Hermitage Road , Pecetto Torinese (TO) , 10020 , Italy also mail your application must arrive at the Hermitage Road no later than 19.00 hours of September 15, 2013 Or by MAIL ( recommended) at concorso.edi @ It will not be accepted any documentation that came over the deadline indicated above. It is the postmark of dispatch, or the date and time received mail. 




LOCATION : Torino in late November date to be determined – E ‘power Organisation record and / or film and / or have recorded and / or have resume by third parties and disseminate good on television , audiovisual, photographic and phonographic the participating artists . Each participant authorizes , with the inscription , such records and this coverage allowing the exploitation of his image rights also for the purposes of operations of any promotion or publicity , without any limitation of time and / or space , and without having any claims by third parties that both the Organization. every participant must provide for their own account and at its own expense during the event ( food, accommodation , extra costs ) . 


To enter the contest must be sent to the following documentation:

• application form, completed in full and signed (Annex B) ;
• copy of the certificate of payment of the portion of our co-sponsor f ) a photocopy of an identity document valid , to be sent no later than September 15, 2013 via email (then bring along the original)
• Delivery creations : Participants deliver their creations together with the technical description , drawings and fabrics used , the Organization by 14.00 am on the day before the event ( the venue will be communicated in due time.)

The organization of each participant , ensure the following services:
– Fitting
– Space for dressing in the backstage
– Professional models for the fashion show
– Advice for choosing music
– Staff of direction, coordination, assistance backstage – Make- up and hair style

Entrants will parade their creations in order as announced which will be
received according to the list in CONTEST FASHION & COUTURE


The creations of the participants in the contest will be submitted during the parade , the vision and the judgment of a competent jury , made up of technicians and experts in the field , which, for means of a vote, will decide the winners of the competition. Each member of the jury will also award each participant stylist ( not to the individual but to the whole dress creations ) three scores refer to the following criteria:
– Interpretation of the theme
– Design
– Styling (production and delivery)
The scores for the vote of each competitor will be integers from one to ten winners of the competition will be competitors who have scored the highest score by adding the three vows . In case of a tie will be the jury to decide the winner . A winner may not combine more than one prize . The final verdict of the jury and final. Each participant will receive a parchment for participation.

No compensation or reimbursement of expenses will be paid to competitors, in any way , and in any stage of the competition. Board and lodging will be borne by the participant.

Participants can pick up their creations at the end of the event the day same , apart from those of the winners who will remain on display in the ” fashion project ” and those chosen for the photo shoot

The Organization may at any time be excluded from the competition , the competitor that does not comply with this Regulation .

The Organization disclaims any liability of any kind arising from accidents of various nature and kind, direct or indirect , relating to participation in the contest and no request will be made by competitors about any damage caused to the projects or from loss . ruined stained

The winners, selected from both categories will be awarded by participating with their leaders the “Project Fashion” Torino- other participants will also be selected (not winners) for photo shoot Edi Events , leaders will be retained only as long as necessary for the realization of the service.

Participant’s declaration

The undersigned ………………………………………………………………. participant in the ” Competition National Fashion & Haute Couture – ” THE ELEGANCE OF THE YEAR 30″ ” implicitly accept the rules of this Regulation. In addition, the undersigned declares and guarantees that are the creations of its exclusive ownership with respect to both the copyright and the right to economic exploitation , and therefore there is no property right of any third party on it. The Agency EDI EVENTS and therefore disclaims all liability for any claims about the originality and authorship of the work and any imitations or copies from third parties the work itself. In connection with the most recent legislation on “Protection of personal data” , we inform the participants that the data required for participation in the ” National Contest of Fashion & Haute Couture – THE ELEGANCE OF YEARS ’30” including those resulting from the application form, will not be communicated or disclosed to third parties , will be used only for the intended purposes from the Competition and will be processed done with or without the aid of computer systems, in compliance with the above regulations. The Organization may use , free of charge , in any form or manner , in Italy or abroad , without limitation of time or space , photographs, filming, video recordings on any medium made , related to the image, at intervention , the performance of all the contestants who entered the competition . The non-compliance , even partial, of the conditions of this article shall result in exclusion from the Competition.

Signature for acceptance ……………………………………