“Mad Mood Milano” is an initiative promoted by Mad Mood, a non-profit organization that has the ambitious goal of raising public awareness to eco-sustainability and respect to the planet, by communicating these important values through Fashion and food, two of the well-known strengths of “made in Italy”

The event will therefore be held:

• workshops on eco applied to the fashion industry and the industrial sector in general, with protagonists-among all those companies which primarily textile companies – that have adjusted their production steps to sustainability.
• workshops on eco-food, agri-food and innovative companies with leading companies in the food & beverage industry
• Future workshops on energy, alternative and renewable energy, energy SO-CALLED green with zero environmental impact.

Everything will be promoted in attractive and innovative way through the MODA and FOOD (Food & Fashion). In fact, the protagonists of the event, to be held in the heart of Milan’s Palazzo Giureconsulti, will be the young fashion designers.


To close the event will be held on Competition Mad Mood dedicated to the final year students of Italian fashion schools.
They are asked to submit an outfit inspired by a different theme proposed each year and always closely related to the concept promoted by “sustainability”. Among the registrations that are received to the secretariat only 20 boys will be allowed to participate in the competition which will take place in front of a jury of industry professionals.

Students can enroll in Mad Mood contest until 05/31/2017. The selection results will be announced no later than 06/15/2017.

The Mad Mood competition is open to final year students of the School of Fashion which will have to make a evening dress accessorized outfits (size 38/40) inspired by the theme “Water, Life Energy.” The fabrics used must be innovative and so to say in “energy saving” or of textile companies dedicated to a sustainable production which limit the maximum usage and pollution of water in the various production phases.
The 20 selected boys will be called by June end at Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation in Biella ( for a day of “educational” and deepening the sustainability applied to fashion and to get in touch with the 32 textile companies in the Platform Cittadellarte, from which the children will have the opportunity to buy the fabrics at a discounted price to be used for the realization of their outfits.
The children will be followed personally led the entire course by Dr. Olga Pirazzi.

National, also aimed at young foreign designers who are completing their studies in Italian schools.

The event will take place on Saturday 23 and Sunday, September 24, 2017
The Fashion Talent “Mad Mood” will close the event in the late afternoon of Sunday, September 24.
The winner of the contest will be decreed by the following jury of professionals:

• Cav. Mario Boselli (Honorary President of the Chamber of Italian Fashion and member of the Board of Directors White)
• Beppe Pisani (Ambassador Milano Unica Textiles Fair)
• Anna Fendi (Stylist and businesswoman, founder of the brand Fendi)
• Roberto Portinari (Fashion Platform Training System)
• Antonio Mancinelli (Editor Marie Claire)
• Pietro Lenna (Fashion Sector Manager Regione Lombardia)
• Claudia Origgi (Head of Research prints Roberto Cavalli)
• Olga Pirazzi (Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation)
• Antonio Franceschini (CNA Federmoda Italy)

The event, sponsored by the City of Milan and the Lombardy Region, will be promoted on the web and on different social platforms and writing to the schedule of events in Expo City.

These steps and the dead line for the Competition Mad Mood Milan

• By 31/05/2017 designers must enroll in two alternative ways:
– from Mad Mood web site (active since the beginning of April): following signs for entries
– filling out the form attached hereto which must be signed and forwarded to the email address:

Together with the form signed participants must also enclose:
• a copy of their ID and c.f. front and back
• its own equipped apparel sketch that arise in competition and detailed description of the outfit and the fabrics used. They will be shown and described also the accessories.
• Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum

The selection of 20 partecpants will be announced within the day 15.06.2017.Entro the same date will be announced the day dedicated to ‘ “Educational” on sustainable fashion at Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation. • The selected will have to produce the outfit no later than 10:09 .2017 and submit to professional apparel high resolution (two-sided and right and left sides) -description apparel (+ accessories) and the innovative fabric utilizzato6) EVALUATION CRITERIA fOR DESIGNATION tHE VINCITOREI criteria by which the winner will be evaluated by the jury will be: • Creativity • Tailoring • Slim • Innovation and research of fabrics • Consistency with the event’s theme (Water, Energy of Life) 7) premixed 1st place Mad Mood: Stage (* the last year’s winner, Enrico Linassi, currently working as a fashion designer for the new brand of green CarlottaCanepa Grupp o Canepa spa) – 2nd Mad Mood Fabrics Company Canepa spa to make two outfits that will be placed on sale at Mad Zone, boutique in Brera in Milan, dedicated exclusively to the creations of young designers. Ability to undertake a collaboration with the boutique.Prima of Mad Mood competition and distinct from it, there will be some shows of ten young fashion designers internazionali.A two of these designers will be awarded special prizes. The awards will be made simultaneously with the awarding of the SPECIAL talent.PREMI in collaboration with other Fashion Week for young fashion designers: – SERBIA Fashion Week Award (the winner of this award will be given the opportunity to parade his own collection during Fashion Week Serbia ) – FEERIC Fashion award (the winner of this award will be given the opportunity to parade his own collection during Fashion Week Feeric) 8) tHE cOST PARTECIPAZIONENessun cost is expected to participate in the contest.I related to apparel production costs for in the competition are the sole participants of the load, as well as any other additional cost (travel expenses, room and board). Participants will have to choose fabrics for textile companies “eco” part of Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto platform, and that will be presented to them in the day of “educational” .9) RESPONSABILITA’L’organizzatore, although the utmost care of the collections and the outfits of the boys, do not take any responsibility in case of damage, theft, loss, or selections during transport operations and during the duration of the event Mad Mood Milan. The organizer is relieved from any liability in reference to the content of the material supplied and any liability related to third persons, companies or legal persons being the provision in word rendered exclusively as a mere means of opera.10) LAW n. 196/2003 (privacy) Under ‘art. 13 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, the data reported in the registration form concerning the writing and all the accompanying material from the same, are the subject of treatment aimed exclusively the implementation of this regulation of the event and of strictly functional requirements to provide data esso.Il for said purposes is required for its conclusion stesso.I Entrants are required not to disclose the material to third parties who are not designers interested in participating in concorso.


Me signed ………………… …………………………………………………………. (Full name) was born in the …………………………… .. ………… …………………… …………… and a resident of ………………………………………. in …………………………………………. No …………… …………………., CF …………………………………………… .. says it will participate in the competition Mad Mood Milan in 2017 to be held Sunday, September 24th at Palazzo Giureconsulti in Piazza Mercanti 2 to also have read Milano.Dichiara and took note of all the points from 1 to 10 overlying the Regulations relating to the competition and to comply with what it previsto.Il undersigned also undertakes to comply with all the dead line provided for in point 5 of the Regulations (Terms and mode of participation) .Milano …………………………… _________________________________________________ (legible signature) to be attached to this form: 1) a photocopy of identity card and CF front and retro2) comp the Evening dress inspired to ‘ “Water, complete with Accesories3 of Life Energy”) detailed description of bozzetto4) detailed description of the fabrics used