(1965; Canada) Dean and Dan Caten, canadian twins, are the founders of the fashion maison Dsquared2, one of the few foreign brands member of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.
Their unique style is totally street world inspired. It’s an easy and loose – north American – way of dress, a very original and extravagant spirit. Their history began in 1991 when they left Canada to reach Italy. Here they successfully mixed American pop culture with Italian haute couture. After a few collaborations, they presented their first own fashion show in Milano, which reached a great success thanks to an intelligent cocktail of style, music and extravagance.

With their Spring/Summer Collection 2002 they became famous all over the world.

“Contrasto” is their key-world: “mix things absolutely different from each other to create something totally original. If you wear something too much chic or elaborated you can match it with a simple pair of jeans and the trick is done. It’s the contrast that make you feel good and give you always the right look. You can wear super jewels and a feather luxury jacket, but with a pair of jeans you’ll not look like an old granny, you’ll simple look cool, yourself and nothing else.”
(Interwiev – 2010 February 8th – Alessio Cristianini for