(Dolce 1958, Gabbana 1962; Italy) Their collaboration began in 1980, in 1982 they open their own business and in 1985 they present their first woman’s wear collection at the “Milano Collezioni” fashion show, debuting in the New Talent category.
Since 1989 they launch new collections , including the first men’s collection, the first underwear and beachwear line, perfumes, watches , leather goods and shoes. The company starts to expand (in Italy, Japan, Spain, France) many boutiques, showrooms and offices open.
Really important their friendship with Madonna who feels great passion for their work and so decides to advertise them.
Their style is characterized by a modern classic, based on tailoring and creativity. The characteristics of their garments are: the use of high quality materials for young people and simple and provocative cuts at the same time. They inspire to a strong and glamorous woman, with strong ties with tradition, with family and also a very catholic one: there is the rediscovery of the Mediterranean woman, a very sensual but not loud woman.