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Essential fashion
20 author classics that have changed the history of fashion and style

It is customary to think of fashion as the world of the ephemeral, but there are objects and names that have been able to leave a mark, creations that, in different ways, have revolutionized the history of costume and in which the changes in society are reflected. After the birth of the Burberry trench coat, the ballet flats or the little black dress by Givenchy, nothing has been the same again. Every stylist, brand or ready-to-wear designer has had to deal with their existence, citing, reworking or simply copying what are now considered classics. Among these, some – like Kelly or Borsalino we even know them by name. Others have gone through the decades, also charged with political and social values ​​(Levi’s jeans, from workwear, have been transformed into the “uniform” of the youth revolution of the Sixties). Still others, such as the Hermes scarf, continue to represent status symbols. This book tells stories, anecdotes, celebrities and intrinsic values ​​linked to fashion must haves. Foreword by Alberta Ferretti.


Paperback: 223 pages
Publisher: White Star (October 17, 2013)
Language: Italian
ISBN-10: 8854023159
ISBN-13: 978-8854023154