Moodoard Exotic Innovation Spring Summer 2018




The spring/summer 2016 windows of the most important fashion boutiques are invaded by “Tropical” style: the bright colors, the heavenly flowers, the colors of wild vegetation, flora and fauna equatorial, blue of the sky and the sea …
The trends for spring/summer 2018 return bursting with the theme “Tropical”, a remake of 2016 plus tones that create a lively contrast colors that reveal a refractive almost hallucinogenic, their mission will be to stimulate all the senses to induce the viewer to a crazy experience.


Exotic Innovation SS18 the colours

The material, made from mixtures of natural and artificial fibers, will create innovative game play and technology and product prints take on a realistic image with tropical influences made from digital technologies.
The fabrics are inspired by tropical nature through technological research. The new metal-made fibers, give the garments a sheen that seems to come from the depths of the colors of the jungle, sea, oceans: silk, cotton and synthetic give the garments a luxury using quirky tropical colors.

Exotic Innovation fabrics SS18