Location: Rome, Piazza Benedetto Cairoli N. 6,

Date event: 12-14 October 2015 At the Russian Center of Science and Culture


Arrival of participants, hotel accommodation, free time in the city.

17:00 Meeting participants with organizers (the place will be explained later).

09:00 Casting for designers, hairdressers, make-up artists, photographers;

10:00 Competition for designers, in the category “high fashion”;

12:00 Competition for hairdressers and make-up artist, both categories;

15:00 Competition for designers, in the following categories: “City smart”, “Experiment” Throughout the day the photographers working on their projects for the competition.

09:00 Seminars for designers, hairdressers and make-up artist;

09:00 Master Class for the models;

10:00 Meeting of the jury for the evaluation of the competitors.

11:00 Seminar open to all participants “Total Look Made in Italy”;

15:00 Opening of exhibition of various designers, sponsors, photographers, other exposures.

16:00 Opening Ceremony of the Gala “Rome Fashion Week”; Presentation of collections of fashion houses, famous brands, winners of competitions

held on October 12. Fashion show and music.

18:40 Presentation of the collections of fashion houses;

21:00 Photos and video models, members of the jury, competitors of “Rome Fashion Week.” Award ceremony of the winners of the competitions.

Note 1: The contestants can advance or delay the date of arrival in Rome at will. Of course these days are to be considered outside of the event program. Working days

Note 2: The program may change for technical or organizational reasons.


Form for the competition for the title “The best designer of the RFW-2015”

1. Full name _________________________________________________________

2. Age _____________________________________________________________________

3. Address of residence _______________________________________________________

4. Place of work / study _____________________________________________________

5. In which you want to participate in nominations _____________________________________

6. The name of the collection to the “Rome Fashion Week 2015” ________________________

7. sketches or photographs of items from the collection __________ (at least 3) to be attached to request (in word format, pdf)

8. The number of dresses in the collection for the competition ________________________________

9. You will have your patterns / models? How many? _______________________________________

10. Contact telephone (fixed, mobile) ____________________________________________

11. E-mail Skype ___________ _____ personal web page (if you have) __________

12. Identity document, number ________________________________________________

Signature ___________________ Date __________________