The cultural association based Pescara Loves Fashion Palace Road 52 , 65125 Pescara Vat Tax Code 02,026,640,686 91,118,670,685 website email (hereinafter for brevity called ” the Organiser ” or ” the ‘ Organization ” ) discloses the call for the first edition of the contest for new designers and emerging designers, called ” Fashion Loves You “(hereinafter for brevity called the” Contest “).

ARTICLE 2 – The Contest aims to search the country for new talent in the field of so that present and promote the public.

ARTICLE 3 – Candidates are eligible for designers and stylists from 18 to 35 years. To enter the contest you will need to send 5 sketches that will be evaluated for admission to the final stage. The latter provides for the designers , the realization of the 5 outfits presented in figures (in a manner as close as possible to the sketches sent) so that they can slide out for the jury that, after careful consideration, will decide in its sole discretion, the winner or the winner of the contest. The outfits can be both male and female. Excludes baby outfits. All dresses, under penalty of inadmissibility, they must have the characteristics of originality and feasibility for production. The participant assumes full responsibility for the veracity of the originality of the designs presented and fully raise the organization from any direct or indirect damage caused to third parties because of false statements regarding the authorship or ownership of the works of style, subject in each case the right of the Organization to pay damages, as well as the possible recovery action in respect of third party claims . The designers or designers may be bound by contracts with fashion houses or companies and/or options of any kind and may participate in the contest provided that the respective holders of copyright and related rights holders and any image of the designer/designer , not give them the mandate to grant the uses referred to in the following article 7.

ARTICLE 4 – The registration fee for the competition is € 135.00 (to be paid only by designers and fashion designers selected for the second phase) and includes the opportunity to parade in Piazza delle Rebirth in Pescara, April 27, 2014 and receiving, at its address indicated in the registration form, the DVD summary of the fashion show. No person may require quotas, fees or payments of any title in the name and on behalf of the organization.

ART.5 – Each participant must make timely prevention of the sketches on paper to the organizer by March 3, 2014 , under penalty of exclusion , via registered mail in Pescara Loves Fashion headquartered Palace Road 52, 65125 Pescara, at the expense of the sender along with to the following documents:
1 . The application form can be downloaded from the website , duly completed ;
2 . Ranked # 1 (one) copy of the biography of the designer for a maximum of 800 ( eight hundred ) lines ;
3 . Ranked # 5 (five) copies of sketches on paper, duly scanned and printed.

ARTICLE 6 – The documentation and technical material submitted will not be returned by the organizer and the organizer shall be entitled to macerate all the material at the end of the progress of this year’s contest .

ARTICLE 7 – The participants also undertake to sign the following documents:
a) a statement of claim to indemnify the organization from any moral responsibility, and civil asset for any damage that , by their participation in the event, can be caused to persons or things;
b) a declaration stating that they agree to the sketches of the clothes they delivered for free to participate in the contest are used by the organization for the sole purpose of communication regarding the contest also in future editions, without prejudice to the duty of the organization report of the author of the sketches used for this purpose.
c) a declaration stating that they agree to the sketches resulting winners will be displayed in a dedicated corner in a store in Pescara.


ARTICLE 8 – From March 3, 2014 to March 10, 2014, a commission composed of a jury of artistic quality of minimum three (3) technicians chosen at the discretion of the organization will select, among those who regularly sent the application form in the contest, 25 ( twenty five) designers who will be declared to the final stage of the contest at the discretion of the jury evaluation. The organization will communicate through the site admitted to the finals no later than March 12, 2014.

ARTICLE 9 – The designers of which will be chosen figurines will carry out, at its own expense, the 5 outfits so that they are more closely as possible to the figures posted, and especially suited to parade on April 27, 2014.

ARTICLE 10 – At the end of the parade on April 27, 2014 will be declared at the discretion of the jury , the winner of the first contest “Fashion Loves You” which will receive a prize of € 1,000.00 (one thousand) and the ability to expose 5 outfits in a corner dedicated at a store in Pescara.

ART.11 – In accordance with the Legislative Decree 196/ 2003 laying down rules for the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data , the participant consents to the processing of their personal data, directly or through third parties, for the full implementation of this Regulation . The provision of such data is required, as necessary to carry out the provisions of this Regulation. The signature for acceptance of the following announcement implies understanding to the acceptance of every article .

ART 12 – In the period of validity of this Regulation , the organizer , in its sole discretion, may make to additions and changes to organizational and functional needs . The organizer may also, for unexpected events have occurred or , introduce amendments and additions to the protection and preservation of the artistic level of the competition, however, except by the spirit of the premises and the articulation of the event. The participant will be put to the right to withdraw of the competition. The organizer also reserves the right to cancel the contest if circumstances beyond its control prevent the execution of it , giving timely notice .

ARTICLE 13 – The organizer in its sole discretion and at any time, may be excluded from participation in the Contest, participants who are deemed responsible for any and all conduct contrary to the spirit and to the good name of the competition, also face potentially adversely direct or indirect damages to people or things , other competitors , the good name and the functioning of the jury of the competition and its participants and organizers. The communication of the exclusion of the contest will be given to the organization via e-mail , and by any other means deemed appropriate , stating the reasons on which it is based.

ART.14 – Any dispute concerning the interpretation and implementation of this Regulation shall be referred to a mediation organization registered with the Ministry of Justice based in Pescara.

ART.15 – For any controversy that may arise between the Parties under this Regulation, the Parties shall designate the exclusive jurisdiction of Pescara.