Giorgio Armani

(1934; Italy) His interest in fashion began in 1957, when he was employed as a buyer for “La Rinascente”; then he works for Nino Cerruti and later as a freelance for various companies: from this set of experiences he gets his own style . In 1975, in partnership with Sergio Galeotti , he found the “Giorgio Armani SpA”, with his first prêt-à-porter line men and women; from now he will supervise every aspect of the company: from design to marketing and to the meeting with the media.

The needs are changing, people now need functional clothes for ordinary usage. The female target for the first Armani jackets were women managers, who had just emerged from the feminism experience: for this reason clothes seemed uniforms, with a masculine-cut jacket, simple and without darts that allowed to move easily (he moves the buttons and changes the traditional proportions). He also removes the internal supports (pads and interlinings).These new deconstructed jackets are completely different from the ’40s suits.

The designer prefers cold colors: beige, gray and the famous “greige” (a new shade that is a mix between gray and sandy /earthy), but the most popular color is definitely the “blue Armani”.

Armani was also one of the top to combine the leather with chiffon blouses and create an unusual color palette.

His greatest inspirations come from black and white movies, from Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich, from the ’20s / ’30s American atmosphere, but also from the Arab culture and the oriental one in general (it is clearly visible in the Korean collars and in the 90s djellaba coats).

Three elements characterize his style: the lack of superfluous decorations, a women’s fashion with masculine and simple characteristics (linear cuts and light colors such as beige, white and gray) and finally a sports and a formal clothing, to adapt to all sort of situations of day and night. The Armani Group draws, produces and distributes fashion products, clothes, accessories, eyewear, cosmetics, perfumes, furniture and home accessories with the following brands: Giorgio Armani, Armani Collezioni, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, A / X Armani Exchange , Armani Junior and Armani Casa.

His creations have been defined high-fashion ready-made, in fact he manages to combine the attention to details and quality of the traditional fabrics of high fashion with the strong marketability of prêt-à-porter: so he continues to capture the young sector and also those who need more formal clothes. More generally Armani has managed to revolutionize the fashion world due to his unstructured jacket and the demystification of the evening dress through the matching with low shoes, even with the sneakers; while the oriental drawings have been translated in a sober way, without exaggerating.