(1927; France) When Givenchy comes out as a designer with Jacques Fath (who was at the peak of his career ) he breaks with his Protestant family, because it was unthinkable that their son could work in this field. Instead when he starts to work for Robert Piguet, also a Protestant, the family seems to support him. Finally by Schiaparelli, Givenchy creates the basis of his style thanks to the meeting of artists who stimulate his imagination, the sense of elegance and the eccentricity that characterize him.
The real debut comes in 1952 with the “Bettina blouse” (in the name of the most famous model of the moment,) but it is the meeting with Audrey Hepburn, the following year, which crowns his final success, in fact for all her life the actress wore only his clothes, both on set and during the life. Audrey becomes his muse and ideal woman of inner beauty, naïve and true, but at the same time a self-confident woman who knows what she wants.
His real passion is Balenciaga and he learns from him to eliminate everything that is superfluous and unnecessary; so he uses an elegant style but also practical and comfortable with a huge use of flounces, ruffles with bright colors and patterns.
Many are the famous clothes of this designer: the bag dress, the sheath dress, the balloon skirt and the shirt-dresses.
In 1995 he decides to retire from the fashion world permanently.