Copertina libro il modellismoIL MODELLISMO SARTORIALE

 VI  edition of the “Il Modellismo” 



The sixth edition of “Il Modellismo” is out. It is one of the most popular and popular fashion books in the world! To keep up with the times, the text is revisited every 3 years and in this edition important changes have been made in the parts concerning graphics and text.

The bilingual book (Italian / English) is now composed of 463 pages, 300 Figures, 180 Graphics and a hardcover of 22 X 31 cm. “Modeling” shows the teaching method of the Burgo Fashion Institute which includes the study of the basic woman model up to specialization modeling.

The first initial part of the book concerns the explanation of the basic woman model: the bodice base, the dress base and the shots, the study of collars, sleeves, skirt, shirt, classic trousers, dresses, jacket and overcoat .

Then the explanation of the specialization modeling is integrated: maternity clothes, wedding dresses, underwear, swimwear, men and finally children. The final part is dedicated to the explanation of the correction of errors commonly called “sdifettamento” and subsequently the notions of size development, CAD CAM and textile products are listed.

The book also has a “fashion dictionary” to help the student find any specific words. This makes every explanation better and more precise.



Language: Italian and English
ISBN-10: 8890010150
ISBN-13: 978-8890010156
Dimensions: 31 x 22 cm
Pages : 464
Edition: 2013
Cost: 100 EURO




Some extracts from the book Il Modellismo courtesy of the Publisher

giacca doppio petto disegnogiacca doppio petto grafico
Double-breasted jacket with collar and spear

gonna longuette disegnogonna longuette grafico
Longuette skirt with split basque

giacca smoking donna disegnogiacca smoking donna grafico per realizzazione
Double breasted tuxedo jacket for women

manica giacca uomo disegnomanica giacca modello
Jacket sleeve for men

manica donna ripresa gomito disegnomanica ripresa gomito grafico
Sleeve with elbow recovery and balloon sleeve

bambino abito elegante figurinobambino abito elegante modello
Elegant dress for little girl