Vira Vasylieva

invisible bold

Spring/Summer 2018

by Vira Vasylieva


The ‘Invisibilmente grassetto’ collection was inspired by famous painter and sculpture artists of twenty century Paul Klee and Alexander Calder.
The clients of the collection is somewhat aficionados, with being creator ladies themselves. The feeling of bold confidence and transparently light is what you feel around women wearing this
collection. She is not afraid of contrast and ready to unveil her creativity with her cloth.
Methods of deconstruction, embroidery, appliqué, asymmetry combines in the simple shapes. Wardrobe items rethought, experimented with forms and adding parts of typical Alexander Calder and Paul Klee works.The capsule collection have 6 looks for every occasion, from the morning look to the evening going-outs.
The colors are the contrast of vibrant spring flowers (light violet, spring green, pink beige) with stripes of bright red confidence, intelligent blue, and positiveyellow.
Fabrics used: high quality cotton twill, voile, batiste, tule, popeline, stretched gabardine