Apple Pencil

With the iPad pro they become the perfect pen and tablet for the designer

Surely the iPad is the most used electronic tool in the field of graphics and fashion, in fact, in addition to the possibility of web browsing, numerous Apps allow us to manage graphics and design in a smart way. There are several models, but to be able to run graphics apps to the maximum we need power, large screen and the ability to use the fantastic pencil Apple pencil.

Apple pencil for fashion.

iPad pro collects all this, powerful, large screen and designed specifically to work with the Apple Pencil, in fact the sensors of the iPad pro immediately recognize the presence of the stylus on the screen thus doubling the scanning frequency and thus managing to capture many more points .
Excellent precision and feeling that the Apple Pencil transmits, reminiscent of that of a normal pen or pencil. It allows the recognition of various types of pressure, inclination and easily adapts to the needs of those who use it. The stroke on the screen is practically immediate, fast and smooth.

Apple Pencil is only compatible with iPad Pro, Three models are available: 12.9 “iPad practically a replacement for the MacBook, one 10.5” and one 9.7 “, the latter out of production.