The 2014 edition of Copenhagen Fashion Summit hostet the latest edition of the Denim Challenge contest, sponsored by denim specialist Isko.

“The Denim Challenge is an excellent opportunity for us to work with a material that has such potential for innovation,” commented Peter Ingwersen, Head of the Denim Challenge jury and Danish designer. Ingwersen is renowned for having been among the first designers in the Nordic region to integrate sustainable aspects in his brand, and further for having been brand director of Levi’s for more than three years.
“The denim challenge is an excellent chance to educate and inspire the fashion industry in the endless possibilities within sustainable materials, and encouraging innovative thinking and usage. Another important purpose is to promote and raise awareness about sustainable fashion to the end user – the consumer.”

The jury consisted of Peter Ingwersen, Giusy Bettoni, founder of C.L.A.S.S. and Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Director at Sanko/ Isko.
The Challenge is not a competition between brands, but rather a challenge meant to push brands and designers to employ new materials, be inspired and gain knowledge. The jury awarded special recognitions to Barbara i Gongini and Ivana Helsinki. Barbara i Gongini was recognized for her ability in adding an edge to sustainability with sexy styles, while Ivana Helsinki impressed with her ability to reinvent silhouettes and create items that can be worn day and night, simply by accessorizing them differently.

The Denim Challenge presented entries made by Isko denim from: Wackerhaus (DK), Barbara I Gongini (DK), A Question of (DK), Marimekko (SF) and Ivana Helsinki (SF)

Design by Barbara I Gongini, using Isko denim