Italian Fashion Talent Awards 2016

Italian Fashion Talent Awards is a National Contest for young talents Fashion, but is first and foremost a project for the development of the fashion industry in South Italy.
The goal is to promote, encourage and give visibility to young Italian talents and to their ideas, spreading at the same time a culture of research and innovation in the field of fashion design. The goal is to give central talents of young fashion designers and give voice and visibility to their projects; while IFT Awards was founded and is rooted in the South, with the aim is to make the land and its resources actor of economic transformations in our country. Attract talent of fashion and create a pole of visibility and production, in fact, we want to give lifeblood eggs for trade and industry, generating movement of people and interests to the territory.
The first edition of the Contest will be hosted in Salerno, in the space of three days, 16 to 18 December 2016. The aspiring designers will have until October 15 to send their sketches to the committee of experts and to enter the competition. Registration will take place via the dedicated website and involves the payment of a minimal fee to cover the expenses. The boys are admitted to the competition on the basis of their projects and relevance to the theme of the contest brief, the relevance and the creative value of the project is evaluated by a committee of experts appointed for this purpose. Will be accepted up to one hundred projects and young people selected will have access to real Contest which will take place over the three days. In this second phase, all the selected designers will compete in rounds of cutting and sewing, creativity and craftsmanship. Once in Salerno, in fact, they will have the opportunity to present their dress to a second committee composed of prominent members of the Italian fashion among fashion designers, fashion journalists, photographers and industry experts. Each participant will be assigned a model, then this will continue to the final evening. During the first day, the participants will present their clothes to the committee, together with the technical characteristics and peculiarities. At the end of two days, the commission will make an overall assessment, selecting the finalists who will parade their creations during the Sunday, December 18 gala.