The pencil is one of the most used and important tools for future fashion designers, in fact it allows an infinite number of variations based on the type of pencil, the pressure made on it and the type of sheet adopted. Generally for chiaroscuro the hatching in a single or different lines is used.

Regarding the type of pencil, this can have a greater or lesser softness, based on the amount of clay that is mixed with graphite (the mineral from which the pencil is made):

6B and 5B are super soft

4B and 3B are quite soft

2B and B are the most generic

HB is medium-hard

F is definitely tough.

H-2H and all numbers marked with the letter H are very hard.

Therefore it is clear that for example the F, being hard, has a very fine line, so it lends itself well to geometric designs, as does the F2; or 6B is suitable for very intense chiaroscuro effects (and it is good to use it on rough sheets); or the 4B and 3B are used for chiaroscuro that requires a strong line and the HB is good for precise drawings without nuances. Ultimately if the pencil is hard, the mark left is clear and clear; on the other hand, if it is soft, the sign is more “mellow”, therefore suitable for creating chiaroscuro effects, volumes, etc.

Generally the student uses the HB pencil on Fabriano 2 sheets to draw the base lines, while the 4B pencil on rough or smooth F4 sheet to create the chiaroscuro and shading, since it is a full-bodied pencil.