(1943; Italy) Born in Rome, is one of the biggest names in the Italian Fashion. Her name is especially linked to cashmere, even the “New York Times” called her “the Queen of Cashmere” due to her love of this precious yarn that she used since the first collection with a different and unique approach, evolving in a fashion world that once she didn’t know. Another element that defines her style is the use of the white color and a predilection that aims to emphasize the individuality and femininity.

Since 2000 she is Chairwoman of Leonardo committee, which gather up the Italian excellence of the industry, art and culture and the 25th of April 1988 is an historic day for Laura Biagiotti: for the first time, in Beijing, 30 Chinese models have presented the most significant creations of the designer’s career. 125 dresses for a “Biagiotti history” focused on the tribute to the preciousness of the raw materials which are the pride of China: cashmere and silk. She has organized many other important fashion shows: in 1995 at the Kremlin for a fashion parade-show which connects fashion and Italian culture to the great Russian nation, in November 1997 in Cairo during a charity evening to raise funds for the Egyptian Red Cross . To honor the memory of her husband Gianni Cigna and to leave her permanent mark in the “Made in Italy”, in 1997 Laura Biagiotti established the Biagiotti Cigna Foundation which received a collection of 170 works by the Futurist Master Giacomo Balla as donation.