(1934; UK) She’s the first fashion designer to launch the miniskirt (although André Courrèges, who in 1964 introduced mini dresses and trapezoidal lines claimed to its invention). Together with Alexander Plunket Greene, her future husband, she opened her first boutique, named Bazaar. Her style is young, rebellious and democratic and it was – together with Beatlesmania (1965) – a key element of the Swinging London. Her unique style immediately captured the attention of young Londoners looking for changes after a period of conformity.
Her garments were not expensive and so daring: breathtaking skirts matched with very bright or small embroidery patterns tights and high boots.
She also used unusual materials such as Pvc (a kind of plastic) to create a collection of trench coats and boots.
She was a fashion designer ahead of her time, who anticipated the 70’s fashion style introducing bell-bottom trousers and sleeveless tops.
She aroused the curiosity of Cinema , Theatre and Arts and it was the beginning of his great success. Her logo is the famous five petal daisy.
In the USA she collaborated with J.C. Penny stores. At the end of the 70’s her success started to decline but the brand is still a cult figure in the fashion business.