Matite colorate


The composition of the colored pencil is different from that of the simple pencil, in fact it consists of the mixture of a colored pigment with a binder: obviously the intensity of the color is given by the composition and by the pressure on the stroke. On the market there are also watercolor pastels (they are the most used ones), which have the characteristic of becoming more intense if they are wet: it will then be the student who decides whether he prefers to wet the crucial points with a brush only when the work is finished or directly wet the tip. crayon or draw directly on an already wet sheet.
The student lays a flat base on a smooth Fabriano 4 and then begins to create shades around the folds, to give consistency and volume to the figure.
If, on the other hand, it is a question of watercolor pencils, then the rough F4 sheet is used and the pastels are diluted with water creating transparencies.


realizzato con la tecnica delle matite