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Fashion and Accessories Competition

Sketch out your collections and get your portfolio prepared to be reviewed by our team.

Be sure that fabric samples, concept, videos and visuals of your works have been

Fill the
pre-registration form that you can find on our site and submit it
to us.

Revise everything for the
last time and send your application to us.

14th MAY 2016 during ORIGIN, PASSION & BELIEFS
(Date and place TBC)
“I have always recognised Mittelmoda’s high values, worth and history, long before being nominated President in August 2008. I consider Mittelmoda a real brand, very active in keeping the contacts with the fashion design schools all over the world, with constant dialogue, rich in innovation and in fashion sensibilities. I will support it with energy. The professional expertise of Mittelmoda team has bridged over the years the Fashion Award into a not-to-be-missed event for any experts in fashion scouting; an event that aimed to reach the great international level we now recognize.”

President Mittelmoda International Lab

23 Mittelmoda


The competition is promoted by Mittelmoda International Lab in collaboration with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, SMI – Sistema  Moda  Italia, Fondazione  Industrie  Cotone  Lino and Fiera di Vicenza.

The competition is open to the following categories:
a) students in their last year at college (undergraduate and post-graduate level) who will graduate (or get a Diploma) in 2016 as fashion designers.
b) young fashion designers either graduates of Fashion Colleges or in their early career – in house or self-employed

All candidates must pre-register on-line by completing the application form to be found on http://www.mittelmoda.com/join-the-competition/, no later than 15th February 2016.

Once pre-registration is granted, the candidate will be required to submit ALL the following qualifying documentation to the Mittelmoda offices, to arrive no later than  20th February:
a) a printed copy of the application form, typed out in every part, signed and completed with a personal passport size photograph. The application can be downloaded from
b) a signed and dated copy of this COMPETITION RULES document;
c) a professionally BOUND portfolio in A4 format (cm 21×29,7) containing: the drawings
– in two copies (or coloured photocopies) – of a minimum of 5 OUTFITS complete with ACCESSORIES.
1 outfit of the enrolled collection must have a “touch of red” in order to be eligible for the Lectra Special Award (see Art.7 for brief and details).
Each drawing must be NUMBERED and marked at the back with the NAME and SURNAME of the designer and its complete technical description on the back, in no more than 250 words.
Each accessory must clearly match with a numbered outfit; a text detailing the concept of the collection in no more than 250 words; colour specifications and fabric samples; a detailed CV (typed in English).
For students: a photocopy of their degree (if already in possession of the candidate) or a certificate proving they are attending college.
For fashion designers: a certificate proving they are actually working as professional designers, for their own or other fashion companies; any article and/or feature about the participant appeared on magazine/s (if any); personal promotional cards and business cards (optional).
It is also possible to send personalised presentations differing from the required one but only as additional material;

d)possibly a prototype of 1 item of the collection (optional);

NB. Submitted Portfolios (compulsory) and Prototypes (optional) will not be sent back for any reason and they will become part of the permanent archive of Mittelmoda. Candidates are advised to send copies of the originals if this is an issue.

23 Mittelmoda


e) a CD-Rom, clearly marked with the candidate’s name, containing:
scans of the drawings, digital photographs and/or other visual assets pertinent to the participating and – if appropriate – previous collections, complete with accessories; These must be separated into two separate folders, clearly labelled ‘72 dpi’ (containing 72dpi files of approximately 15×10 cm) and ‘300 dpi’ (containing the same images in 300 dpi and approximately 30×20 cm);

VERY IMPORTANT: a high quality (better if in full HD) short video of self-presentation about personal and professional experience. A digital passport photo. A copy of the CV. any additional material that might be considered interesting of your work and style.
If any of the above items is missing or late, participation will be denied.

All material must reach our offices by
20th FEBRUARY 2016

In order to avoid delays or losses, the Organisation encourages participants to submit their entries by courier or by priority mail, specifying that the content of the packages is of no commercial value.
Please remember to declare responsibility for custom fees by ticking the apposite box on the shipment document, as Mittelmoda will not pay custom fees on arrival and will therefore be forced to refuse the shipment.

Please send to the following address:

Via Gramsci, 2/4 34071 Cormons (GO) ITALY

In case of selection, all material (sketches, photos etc.) sent by the applicants will be used to create the event catalogue, and all the participants’ portfolios might be used both to introduce participants to fashion houses willing to meet new designers and for communicational and promotional purposes with the press at international level.

Therefore, candidates are asked to send material which is suitable for promotional purposes (files saved in jpeg and/or in tiff at 300 dpi). The organisation will not use material which does not correspond to the required format and indications, even when belonging to selected finalists.
CREATION: The garments and the accessories presented for the competition must corre- spond exactly to the drawings and to the specifications enrolled and must be made by the designers themselves. Correct and accurate execution of the garments is essential.


Italian size 48/50 Corresponding measures in inches and centimetres:

73 inch / 185 cm
40 inch / 102 cm
32 inch / 82 cm
39.5 inch / 101 cm

US 10 / UK 9

Italian size 40/42 Corresponding measures in inches and centimetres:

69 inch / 177 cm
35 inch / 89.5 cm
25 inch / 64 cm
36 inch / 91.5 cm

US 7 / UK 6

FABRICS: Any fabric or material may be used.
STYLE: Designers may choose among the following styles: high-fashion, ready-to-wear, avant-garde/experimental, street style, jeun créateur.
SEASON: Participants are free to choose the season they prefer.

EXCLUSION-CONTROVERSIES: The Organisation has the right to exclude from the competition those garments or accessories which are not made according to the Competition Rules. The resolution of any possible controversy will be dealt with by an arbitral board consist- ing of one member from each party and a third member appointed by the Presiding Judge of Gorizia.

At the end of February, a Jury will examine all the material received. The results will be promptly published online on www.mittelmoda.com under the ‘News’ section and all selected candidates will be immediately notified by the organizers and will receive a detailed programme, including all the necessary information on their stay during the Mittelmoda finals. Each participant is responsible for providing his/her complete contact details and notifying the Organization of any change.

Selected candidates will be invited to take part in the finals and will be asked to create their collections (OUTFITS + ACCESSORIES) to be shown on Mittelmoda’s catwalk in a collective fashion show scheduled in May 2016 during the International trade fair Origin, Passion & Beliefs (date and place to be confirmed – possible changes in the date will be communicated through the website and to all the selected finalists).

All the candidates are informed that, in case of selection for the competition finals, they will be asked to promptly provide the organisers with one or two photographs of outfits + accessories belonging to the collection enrolled in the competition and/or any other photographic, video or multimedia material according to the timing and needs requested by the organisers being the signing of these regulations binding in this sense. The Organisation reserves the right to exclude any selected contestant from participation is the above-mentioned rule is not respected.

All the works (outfits + accessories) enrolled by the finalists will be presented to the jury and submitted to their judging for the awarding of the prizes. In case of necessity, either to comply with the guidelines of the Fashion Show’s Director or to meet the availability of the models, the Organisation reserves the possibility to decide the exact and ultimate number of outfits per finalist to be showcased on the catwalk. In case a choice is needed, the suggestions of the finalists would be respected as much as possible. Candidates are therefore asked to specify the number of the enrolled sketches and to clearly indicate if menswear or womenswear.

Contestants will have to hand in their collections complete with accessories upon their arrival at the Mittelmoda’s location; each outfit will have to be hung on a hanger (with corresponding name and surname) in a plastic dress cover (with corresponding name and surname) together with a photo and/or a sketch of the same outfit. We inform that on a general level it will not be possible to send the collection in advance by courier.

Mittelmoda The Fashion Award’s jury will include renowned national and international fashion experts. Selection criteria will include: creativity, internationality and feasibility. In the final phase, judging criteria will include the correct execution of the items in accordance with the Competition Rules, too.

The Jury will award the following ABSOLUTE AWARDS in Cash:

– For the Most Creative Collection
– For the Most Experimental Collection
And the following Several SPECIAL AWARDS:

LECTRA Special Award: Lectra will award the most innovative look of the enrolled collection; the Lecra Prize will be the Suites Lectra for the industrialization of the winning collection.

Competition Brief:
The LECTRA Special Award is open to all Mittelmoda participants.
Students will have to create one (1) TOTAL LOOK specifically created for Lectra and will have to be characterized by “a touch of red” (to be consistent with the “Fil Rouge” concept).

For further information please refer to:
Caterina Rorro – Lectra Spa
E-mail: it.marketing@lectra.com


In Virtue of the New Strategic partnership with Origin, Passion & Beliefs, four special awards will be awarded: LEATHER, STONE, TECHNOLOGY, TEXTILE.

– LEATHER SPECIAL AWARD: each part of the collection should be granted by leather materials.
– STONE SPECIAL AWARD: the collection should be enriched by the presence of accessories or details made with precious and/or not precious metals/stones.
– TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL AWARD: each part of the collection should be granted by specific
technological production techniques or materials handmade produced.
– TEXTILE SPECIAL AWARD: each part of the collection should be granted by textile materials
or materials contaminations.

Please note that in case of internships and collaborations offered by fashion houses and companies, either by those which are members of the Mittelmoda International Lab and by others which are not, Mittelmoda will offer its support and collaboration for the best management of the contacts and agreements between the parts but it will not be responsible for problems or dissatisfactions which might incur between the parties.

Travels expenses will be covered personally by the finalists themselves while there will be
contributions for the accommodations expenses.

All the garments will remain property of the participants, though Mittelmoda reserves all publishing rights. Besides, the Organisation, upon their authorization, reserves the right to keep the garments and the material sent by the finalists for a maximum of six months, to be able to submit them to the examination of fashion houses, for fashion shows, for press and television features, for exhibitions or other possible occasions aiming at promoting both the event and the designers.

Mittelmoda International Lab cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft of garments or designs that may occur during transport, selections, or during the event or during the period in which the garments are kept (see Article 9).

The final award fashion show will take place on 14th May 2016 in Vicenza (date and place to be confirmed – the exact address of the location will be communicated through the website to all the selected finalists).

Designers selected for the competition will be sent a detailed programme and all relevant information for their arrival and permanence for the event immediately after the selections in the first weeks of March 2016.

The signing of these regulations and of the related application form implies their full
acceptance (art. 1-13).