New challenges and new jobs


Through more than one hundred interviews with companies in the fashion sector, headhunters, recruitment companies and employment agencies, it was possible to identify the most sought-after professions, skills and adequate training. A market survey between those involved in the search for personnel and the production world, in which technicians, product managers, merchandisers and communication managers in Italy, USA, Spain, France, Great Britain, China and the East were involved.
In balance wants to summarize the precariousness of the fashion-design system, but also the professional one, presenting the reader with concrete answers on the progress of work. Companies, caught between greater attention to consumer spending and sudden changes, cannot afford even the slightest distraction: in this reality, a thorough attention emerges in the selection of the candidate. A market with opaque creativity is highlighted: little is dared, the uncertainty of tomorrow does not offer many guarantees. Small brands are courageously advancing, producing true masterpieces, often blocked by the bulky presence of the big names.
This book offers, especially to young people looking for their way, a reference map and an incentive to choose the right way, taking into account the new realities, such as the virtual shop, the blog and twitter: a wrong training path means loss. of time and money. A disenchanted and realistic look at work, which flows from the style area to export, from distribution to training to arrive at some innovative ideas.
Technical profiles such as the model maker, the prototype maker, the quality expert are indispensable and well paid. The store manager becomes the key commercial figure with strong skills; Operations directors, outsourcing managers and product developers are also required. Merchandiser, purchasing manager, buyer and logistician are increasingly strategic. Marketing has integrated with new profiles, born from the web, such as the e-commerce manager, but not only.
In an easy and pleasant reading, a timely and updated answer for those who want to go further, because the crisis can only be overcome with the courage of new ideas.



Langauge: Italian
ISBN-10: 8820401207
ISBN-13: 978-8820401207
Dimensions: 21×28 cm
Pages: 192
Edition: 2012

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