MODA MOVIE 2016 – 20thEdition

Competition for fashion designers

Creazione e Immagine, a cultural association in Cosenza, presents the XX edition of Moda Movie, a project born from the idea to celebrate and study in deep the relationship between the world of Fashion and the Arts, with particular reference to the cinematographic art. This project launches a competition for Fashion Designer, which aims to enhance and promote young talents in the world of fashion and the arts, giving them a chance of comparison, training, professional growth and visibility. For each edition of the project is found a topic of interest to which are addressed the notices of competition and the different events that make up the entire manifestation.
After 20 years in activity, Moda Movie is “in the present”. This is the title of the new edition of the project, which will culminate with the festival next June.
Moda Movie, has always been observant to the contemporary world and to the socio-cultural phenomena that characterize it, for 2016 invites us to reflect on our present. In the society of the contradictios, of the oppositions, the ephemeral, the temporary, marked by the hegemony of technology and the web, we investigate how the young creatives interpret our today. A vast and very actual theme to celebrate twenty years of Moda Movie, that with its story it told about characters, fashions, thinking, changes of this period. The phenomenon that has strongly marked these years is the global spread of infotmatic technologies and of the digital. The story of Moda Movie develops in parallel with the gradual spread of Internet, the use of increasingly invasive technologies that have penetrated our existences, our way to live and to approach to the world.
Fashion also clearly has let through by through by these phenomena, sucking from them, making and making itself tool and means. Technology, for its part, has married the emotional and seductive aspect of fashion; there is no more conflict between aesthetic and technology: the latter has taken the value of beauty, it is hot, “human”, and to the functionality combines seduction. Technological evolution does not enter only into production processes, but also in commercial ones: in these twenty years the processes of diffusion have changed, of promotion and communication of the big brands, as well as many opportunities arose for small brands, for young structures. With computer technology the rituals of shopping have changed and hundreds of App that enrich the experience and the knowledge of the consumer were created.
In recent times we have seen the production of smart clothes, spinned using bio- and nanotechnology, and then, the experiments with the 3D printer, laser cutting, the introduction of foreign elements in the clothes as chip, Leds, media players, display. It’s technofashion that mixed fashion and engineering and it spreads among fashion designers. With the theme”In the present” we invite students, young artists, fashion designers to reflect on our contemporary, on technological-communicative revolution that involves the concept of body, identity, society; on fashion that allows us to capture changes of our world and the strategies that redesign it in the age of communication. The designers should ask themselves what it means”to think and to do fashion today”. What it means”to dress contemporary”, moving between tradition and innovation, with the lesson of the past (tailoring, craftsmanship, quality) and with a look to the future.”The theme will be explored as the creatives will want express it, although clearly always in line with the project and well explained in the sheets and the descriptive materials.
-The contest is open to : young graduates designers and / or public high schools, or private school students of design, fashion and modelling; University of Fashion and professional schools.
-The competition is reserved to those born after 1st January 1986.
The competition includes the proposal by the designers of four models in the form of sketches (A4, 21×30, white background), accompanied by a tissue sample and data sheet. Please send also a copy of the sketches in digital.
A sequence number of sketches, the candidate’s name, address, telephone number and e-mail, must be reported on the back of each sketch.
The request for entering the competition must be exclusively submitted through the registration form, attached to this announcement.
– The registration form must be accompanied by: a picture of the candidate (in jpeg format only); a short and discursive curriculum vitae; a brief explanation (max 500 characters, type Times New Roman, size 12) of what has motivated and inspired them to realize the sketches; a parental authorization must be provided for those not yet 18 years old.
The expiration date to send the material is 29 February 2016. Send to: Associazione Creazione e Immagine, Via G. Marconi, Pal. Grimoli, 87100 Cosenza – Calabria – Italy. (In attachment the candidates have to send a legible copy of a payment of 10, 00 euro, on the IBAN IT 92 P 07109 16200 000000002132 BCC BANCA BRUTIA COSENZA
Incomplete covers or not in order with the Proclamation of Share won’t be examined. The material envoy won’t be given back. The organizers do not assume any liability for any damage to the materials sent during transport.
The names of the finalists will be published online ( not later than 12th March 2016. The jury delegated by the association Creazione e Immagine will judge and select the competitors who are accepted to participate n the final phase of the demonstration.
The participants must manufacture two of their four sketches, to own expenses, faithfully respecting the designs pointed out by the jury, paying close attention to the apparel-finish. It is advisable to refer, in the realization of clothes, a size 42. The shoes size will be communicated later to competitors, following the selection of the models for the parade. The clothes should be placed respectively in two special enclosures (each with an explanatory apparel photos) and sent or delivered to the competition secretary, not later than 16th May 2016. The shoes and the accessories must be consigned the day before the performance.
– The models and the fashion show choreographers for the parade will be prearranged and made available by the organization, as well as the locations, the equipment and the music service.
– The committee reserves the right to use the image of the realized clothes and the material introduced by the single candidates, only for advertising purpose.
– The selected clothes, before unthreading during the conclusive evening of the event, will receive much visibility because they will be exposed in the most representative showcases of the shops along the M.A.B., the Museum to the open one in the center of the city.
– The 15 finalists will be required to pay 50.00 euro for the final phase of the project. They must send (by fax or email by 16th May 2016) a legible copy of the payment to be credited to the account: IBAN IT 92 P 07109 16200 000000002132 BCC

– All the finalists will be required to participate in a workshop of specialization and the Conference of Studies which will be held during the demonstration. (Will be issued a certificate of attendance).
– The expenses for two overnights stay in accomodation of the finalists will be charged to the association. The organizer committee declines any responsibility for any type of accident or damage that could happen to all the participants.
– Winners will be decreed, by a panel of experts, during the gala evening (5 June 2016).
– All the stylist competitors (and the reserves), once ended the exhibition, may participate to the exhibition circuit of so called “Trame di Moda”, a series of fashion shows throughout Italy whose aim is promoting one’s own name. To the participants is required to inform Creazione e Immagine association, not later than 15th June 2016.
– It also required to the competition winners to confirm the adhesion to the assigned stage, no later than 15th June 2016.
First prize: a scholarship of € 500, 00 + a stage offered by a major fashion company + the MMGiftBag, a bag containing fine fabrics and sponsors’ products.
Second and Third Prize: a stage offered by a major fashion company and the MMGiftBag, a bag containing fine fabrics and sponsors’ products.
For any information please write to:
Associazione Creazione e Immagine via Panebianco 600, 87100 Cosenza, Italia – tel. and fax +39 0984 481212 Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. – e-mail:
3-4-5 June 2016
Tema: “In the present”
All documentation must be completed, signed and sent to: Associazione Creazione e Immagine – Via Panebianco, 600 – 87100 Cosenza – Italia- and by e-mail to:
Together with this enrolment form the contestant must also include:
1) a photocopy of payment of the enrolment fee of € 10,00 payable by bank draft to “Associazione culturale CREAZIONE E IMMAGINE IBAN IT 92 P 07109 16200 000000002132 – BCC BANCA BRUTIA COSENZA (indicating: Concorso stilisti Moda Movie 2016);
2) a picture of the contestant (format jpg);
3) a short and discursive curriculum vitae;
4)a brief explanation (max 500 characters, type Times New Roman, size 12) of what has motivated and inspired them to realize the sketches;
5) a parental authorization must be provided for those not yet 18 years old.
The deadline for enrolment and receipt of all the documentation is 29 February 2016.
Personal Data:
Surname _________________________ First Name: ______________________________________
Sex: M: ______ F: ______ Date of Birth: ________________________________________________
Place of Birth :_______________________________________________________________________
Nationality: _____________________________________________________________________________
Stay _______________________________________________________________________________
Address where I wish to receive information about the contest:
Street: ________________________________________________________________________________________
Town: ______________________________________ Province: ________________________________
Postal code: __________________ Country: __________________________________________________
Tel: ______________________________________________Fax: __________________________________________
E-mail: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
I the undersigned do hereby request to be enrolled in the 20th edition of the “Competition for young designers”- project Moda Movie which will be held in Cosenza (Italy) from 3-4-5 june 2016.
I declare to have read and accepted the regulations contained in the notification of the contest and authorise to use my personal data. I also declare that what I presented is an original work which ensures the full availability and I commitment to sell the institution auctioneer the right to use the project material handed to me for communications and publications relating to the promotion or the documentation of the competition or any other events or later.
PLACE AND DATE ___________________________ SIGNATE