Giuseppe Perrone


Tide, My MAREA

by Giuseppe Perrone Spring / Summer 2018

The collection is inspired by the world of the sea and all that is inherent.
Rounded shapes play with imagination and transform gradually into the distinctive character of signs.
Many decorative details, heels and finishes are suggested by the water world: anchors, buoys,cordage, pearls, sea stars, gulls re-colored in the shades of the beaches and the deep.
The silhouette develops between delicate lines but well defined.
Range inspired by the marine world: black and blue ocean are softened in most Mediterranean white, light blue sea, green water, sand, brown wood and finally are tinged of plum, tomato red. The gold small parts also makes glam models covered with strings and woodwinds.

The result of deep and thorough search, the precious leather and refined accessories are combined in an unusual way. “Uppers work with technical fabric, suede, calf, naplak, goat and kid laminate adorned with pearls, rolled heels and / or coated too ‘them pearl, wedges wrapped wood with suede rope or leather, leather soles, rubber sole.

Designed for a sophisticated woman of age included between 30 and 50 years old, of average social level / high art lover in all its forms.

Department Store Concept Store.

2 sneakers z.30, 1 dancer T.15, spuntatot.15 1, 2 chanel T.50, 2 z.70 sandals, sandals 2 T.100, 2 z.100 sandals.