Giovani Caruso


Spring/Summer 2018

by Giovanni Caruso


Quotes by artists on the contemporary scene”” as optical Rabarama and Esher, are reinterpreted in key techno-pop to create new combinations of shapes and colors for a collection dedicated to a young woman, elegant and refined taste.

Spring contrasts of dark tonality lit by bright, saturated colors, give a strong character to”new prints optical”, while in summer bright pastel tones dear to the early 60’s prints give a pleasant sense of comfort and relaxation.

Leather spring with”decor optical”, fresh wool in bright colors and decided, summer gabardine stretch cotton and sweet crepe silk.

Spring begins in a decisive and sharp proposing heads of simple line but a strong decorative character told by prints with optical illusions, to get to the summer where the lines of the prints take three-dimensional shape becoming bulging pockets of actual taste `”sahariana-army ” to donate more relaxed and comfortable allure.