Giuliacarla Cecchi Award 2017

To remember the spirit, the style, the competence, the rigor, the ability to transform both the materials and the processing techniques, which have characterized the work of


the fourth competition is held for young creatives, women’s fashion designers who, with innovative ideas, can imagine and, in the future, create clothing, fashion and style for the contemporary woman.



The competition is open to all young creatives specialized in the WOMEN’S FASHION sector between the ages of 18 and 28.

Participation in the contest is free.

The candidate presents his unpublished project by 8 September 2017 on:

“research, elaboration and transformation of a noble or technological fabric into a high fashion creation” proposing his IDEA complete with SKETCHES, indicative report of the production process and any executive drawings.

The 10 finalists will have to produce the model chosen by the jury in size 42.



1st prize: € 1,000.00

2nd prize: € 500.00

3rd prize: € 300.00

exhibition of the winning outfits at FOUR SEASONS in Florence.

Hospitality for the 1st finalists: one night and two days for two people in Florence





  1. All young creative graduates from artistic high schools, upper secondary schools and graduates of university, public and private courses can compete for the Award.specialized in the WOMEN FASHION sector between the ages of 18 and 28.

    Participation in the prize is free.


  1. The value of the first prize is set at € 1000.00, two further prizes worth

€ 500.00 and € 300.00 respectively for the second and third place.

For all finalists, hospitality in Florence, (excluding travel) on November 13 and 14, 2017 with overnight stay on 13 at the Hotel Londra, multilingual guide for visits to the atelier, the Costume Gallery and the center of Florence in addition to dinner of the award ceremony and lunches with Dr. Cecchi.


  1. Each participant in the Competition can present a “capsule collection” of max 5 designs tending to specify the value, meaning and possible application of the thought


4.    The theme of the competition is the research, elaboration and transformation of a noble or technological or eco-sustainable fabric into a high fashion creation.


  1. The works in competition must arrive no later than Friday 8 September 2017 both in paper and electronic form at the Secretariat of the prize:online, to:

and by ordinary mail to:

Giuliacarla Cecchi Award, Via J. Da Diacceto, 14, 50123 – Florence


6.    The project must be accompanied by the following documents:

Copy of identity document

Copy of diploma, degree or master’s certificate

Copy of the curriculum vitae

Declaration of originality and non-plagiarism of the submitted documents


7.      Project format:

paper – A4 page or letter size with up to 12 pages

digital – a single pdf file whose maximum size will be 20 mb.


  1. The Jury will select the 10 finalists, by Friday 6 October 2017, by majority, based on the assessment of quality, novelty, creativity and wearability of the capsule collection


  1. The finalists must create and send one of the designed models to the Giuliacarla Cecchi Award, Via J. Da Diacceto 14, 50123 – Florence, by 10 November


1O. The creations will be evaluated by the technical jury composed of stylists, designers, fashion journalists, teachers of the fashion sector, experts in research and development of new materials (80%) and by the popular jury composed of all the guests of the event on 13 November 2017 ( 20%).


  1. The proclamation of the three winners will take place at the same time as the presentation of the clothes, worn by models, in the ceremony to be held in Florence on November 13, 2017, at 5.30 pm in PALAGIO DI PARTE GUELFA, Sala


  1. The competitor, with his participation, authorizes the organization of the Prize to reproduce and disseminate on any medium, images and texts taken from the materials presented in the competition, remaining the owner of the intellectual property of theParticipation in the competition formalizes the consent to the processing of personal data in compliance with the rules laid down by the D.L. 196/03.


  1. Each author is personally responsible for the contents of the works sent.Participation in the Award implies full acceptance of these regulations, relieving the organization of any civil and criminal liability towards third parties.


  1. The works submitted to the competition will not be returned.



The maison GIULIACARLA CECCHI Florentine fashion atelier was founded in 1933 by the will of the founder Giuliacarla Cecchi (1913-2005) and runs through the entire history of Italian fashion of the 20th century; from tailor-made tailoring, to original and artisanal high fashion spread all over the world, to exclusive and unique “author collections”, always presented and distributed from Florence. Hers are the creations of clothes built using only ribbons and embossed processes that have allowed her to be exhibited in museums.

Currently the maison is run by Dr. Pola Margherita Cecchi who with Giuliacarla has shared the management, evolution and development of the maison and who with this award intends to honor the creativity, avant-garde and wisdom of her mother.


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