Matera (Italy ) – June 2014 The ” object of the contest is : ” Fashion, Elegance and Creativity ”

(Registration deadline: March 18, 2014 )
The Fashion Award ” City of Stone ” is an event entirely dedicated to fashion designers, craftsmen / creative fashion in total feminine look , from all over the world who want to participate to highlight their artistic skills and be heard in the media, international by important representatives of fashion , from print journalism, television networks and the public. The competition aims to identify and reward creators and fashion designers to promote and leverage their talents . The contest is open : Competitors who have reached 18 years of age , graduates of academies, universities and / or State and Private Schools , professional designers fashion designers,
modelers , operators, and self-taught fashion .

1st Prize : € 1,000.00 ; ( EUR thousand/00 ) in addition to the recognition of participation , from 2nd place to 8th place: Recognition of participation; addition, some finalists , reported by the Grand Jury , to participate in parades High Fashion Prize Fashion partners . N.B. in the event of a tie the prize money will be divided in equal parts.
ALSO will be awarded the following prizes:
– Fashion Award at the Cinema (* see * theme and mode )
– Critics’ Award ;
– Special Award Business Woman Magazine;
– Jury Prize Journalism ;

The award is dedicated to Fashion Cinema , particularly the Star Italian and foreign .
* Method : Participants in the competition must realize in addition to the six figures , that this regulation requires 1 outfit dedicated to the chosen Film Star , whose name will be communicated to the finalists competing for the selected mode , the ” appear ” will follow the same assessment that provides this competition . The dress made will march together to the designer finalist .
The dress made , together with other clothes , may be exposed , at the discretion of the organization, in places open to the public by the same organization :

– No. 1 FIGURINO , made with free techniques , possibly with photos ;
– Technical ( tailoring ) describing the single figure of a creative project with
indication of fabrics, colors and materials that are expected to be used ;
– Indication of the accessories ;

Finalists will be sent detailed instructions relating to the conduct of the ” event with all the information relevant for the ” arrival and stay at the City of Matera (Italy). ( For this reason, any change of address or telephone number of the applicant must be promptly communicated to the organizing secretary ) . If for any reason or impediment, the ” FINALIST ” selected no longer has the opportunity to participate or not present on the day of the event, the fee will not be refunded . The organizer reserves the right, however, the possibility of making changes to the date , the times and locations , in order to allow a more efficient implementation of the event. In case of force majeure , which could prevent the unfolding of the competition on the date and in the manner indicated , the finalists will not be due a refund and / or repayment of the fee as the organizational function has already been implemented . The ” organizer, however , is committed to research the possibility of creating a similar contest on another date or in another site, informing participants twenty (20 ) days before the new event. This new event , defined by the same rules , will replace than initially indicated .

The request for participation / registration must be received no later than 24:00 hours of March 18, 2014 ( registration deadline )

The investment aims to establish a model ( application form / application) paper (download) or on-line from ,
( section contests – forms) . This model , completed in block letters (legible) in all its parts must be received at your own risk ” organizer ( Publimusic of Gallitto Sabrina Arianna – Via Lucania n . 184 – F / G – 75100 Matera (Italy ) by e- mail: competition @ .

For information – the organizing secretary :
– Monday to Friday from 16.00 to 21.00 ;
– Saturday from 09.30 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00
– Direct line +39 331 71 56 600 – +39 366.3513211
– E- mail:

In support of this model , the competitor must attach a copy of a payment in favor of ” organizer ( see application form ) of the ” amount of € 122.00 22% VAT INCLUDED ( contribution to the selection of the finalists in the competition, followed by regular invoice / invoice)
After the ” submission of the application form , duly filled and accompanied the participants who adhered must submit the following documentation , no later than March 31, 2014 , (as will be evidenced by the postmark ) to ” address above.

DOCUMENTS TO BE SENT BY March 31, 2014 PAPER FORMAT ( with the exception of the on -line) :
– Original form of participation ( completed in its entirety ) ;
– Certificate of ” effected payment of the fee ;

The collection of sketches IN ITALIAN LANGUAGE should be set so :

A) carried out on A4 paper and numbered in original duly signed individually.

– Series of 7 FIGURES (# 6 + 1 of the collection dedicated to Fashion Award at the Cinema ) , made with free techniques , with any photo ;

– Technical ( tailoring ) description of each single figure of a creative project with an indication of fabrics, colors and materials that are expected to be used ;

– Indication of the accessories ;

– A brief biography of the participant with relative color passport photo ;

– Short description of subject chosen by the participant complies with all ” object of

– photo and / or video of the creations already have with its collections only ” IF” previously realized;

– Any other material considered interesting explanation of the work already completed, the style of the participant , any logo ;

DIGITAL FORMAT (required):
– CD-ROM contains two folders named respectively : 1 ) DATA DIRECTORY containing:

a) a brief biography of the participant in doc format ; (both in Italian and in English language )

b ) good quality photo card of the participant format (jpeg) ;

c) a brief description of the theme chosen by the competitor that conforms with ” the object COMPETITION HIGH FASHION doc format (both in Italian and in English language ) .

2 ) FOLDER / CREATIVE PROJECT ; containing: a) 7 FIGURES collection presented in digital format (jpeg) .

The clothes be made and / or implemented must correspond perfectly to the collection of Figures 7 and to the summary sent. The sizes of the clothes that are to be based are:  Women tg. 40-42
The competitor with the signing of the material presented assumes responsibility for all ” originality of the designs, to respect the trademark, copyright and quant ‘other concerns the artistic and intellectual property .

The documentation described above will be evaluated no later than April 13, 2014 , by a special jury consisting of five qualified persons in the field of fashion in its sole discretion will produce the ranking of the merits of participating in the competition . The first eight (8 ) classified immediately informed, will participate in the final selection expected in Matera ( Italy) in June 2014 ( the date of the event will be made public fashion by February 28, 2014 ) with the ” fashion event , achieved mainly with the clothes produced by the competitor must be submitted no later than 14.00 hours on the day before the event for proof Fittings . The approval of the clothes on the models and / or models and make- up and hair style , will be submitted to the unquestionable approval of the person responsible for the test fittings .

The Top 8 finalists at the end of their participation in the final selection expected in Matera ( Italy) in June 2014 will have to make a deposit of € 300.00 ( three hundred Euros ) – ( organizational contribution ) in favor of ” organization , by bank transfer no later than 48 hours after ” after confirmation to appoint a finalist ( follow the regular tax document – invoice). If the fee is not made within 48 hours, you will progress to scroll the list of the selected mode . The finalists from abroad will benefit from a reimbursement of expenses amounting to € 100,00 (one hundred Euros ) .

Documentation that FINALISTS will send by priority mail to Publimusic_Matera , no later than May 20, 2014 : □ CD music ( in duplicate ) containing 2 individual audio tracks for a period of 6/8 min max for the time reported in the parade of fashion clothes that the competitor will produce and present . The tracks ( music ) chosen by the competitor must report to cover :
a) securities of the music ;
b ) the author of the music ;
c ) minutes / duration of each track.
N.B. WITH REGARD TO THE TRACK FOR THE SINGLE DRESS FASHION SHOW DEDICATED TO ” FASHION AWARD AT THE MOVIES ” , THE SAME SHALL BE ‘ BY THE ORGANIZATION . In addition to the top eight finishers , will be invited to participate in the parade out of competition also designers specially marked where appropriate, by the jury .

For the finalists : will be charged to the ” organization of pension expenditure by n . 2 days for n . 1 (one) person ( designer finalist ) . (Ex. arrival the previous day – leaving the next day ) Assistants to the finalists for the food / accommodation , subject to availability , you can book at his own expense , at affordable prices, in the Hotel / Hotels / Restaurants where there will be the finalists. The data of the accommodation will be communicated to the designer finalists. Friends and / or relatives of the finalists for the accommodation / food can book at his own expense in Hotel / Hotels / Restaurants in agreement with the Award and Fashion on the website .

The collection also complements its accessories , must be submitted by the finalists to a charge of Publimusic the day before the event. Each dress will be full of hangers ( hangers ) and housing ( marked with your name and surname ) , accompanied by a photo and / or explanatory drawing of the same model ( the stands will be provided by ” organization ) . The organizer , although the utmost care of the collections , does not assume any responsibility for any damage, theft , loss, during the selection or transport operations and throughout the duration of the event in Matera ( Italy). The Publimusic is released from any liability as to the content of the material and “file” provided by the participant , including copyright and SIAE . Likewise, the Publimusic is absolved from any liability related to third persons, firms or entities as the service rendered in word only as a mere means of “work . With the provision of such equipment or “file” deriving from paper , print media, websites or related services , the client / participant implicitly declares to have full title to ” display of clothing , accessories , images, logos, text , illustrations, etc. . exposed to the public and still claiming to have been duly authorized to reproduce the same even if covered by copyright . By signing the entry form , the finalist ( participant) authorizes , under his sole responsibility , the publication of the request in the “order and the materials and / or file supplied by the same , raising the company Publimusic any liability in this regard.

The contestant declares to have read this regulation , they have accepted it and authorizes the organization Publimusic use of all the material received , in the manner and for the purposes it considers most appropriate for the event . By entering the competition the entrant acknowledges and agrees implicitly the rules and conditions contained in this Regulation , without exception.

The participant shall at his own costs and the withdrawal of the material submitted for the contest accusing a receipt . The withdrawal of such material may be made as early as day (hours 17.00 to 20.00 ) following the end of the event. Such withdrawal shall take place no later than the 31.10.2014 with the exception of the period between 10.07.2014 and 31.07.2014 . Such material may, upon request, be sent through the postal service upon refund of shipping charges to be quantified at the time of the request, or the competitor may add a double envelope to ” internal envelope containing the figures pre-paid expenses. After 31.10.2014 the material of that question will be awarded to rejection.