The most famous markers in the field of fashion

Promarker Pantone i pennarelli grafici a due punte per la moda e il design

Promarker Pantone the two-pointed graphic markers for fashion and design

PROMARKER PANTONE by WINSOR & NEWTON The most famous markers in the fashion field

They are certainly the most used tools in the field of fashion, both for the creation of quick sketches and for particularly accurate creations.
Winsor & Newton are the heirs of the legendary Pantoni Tria Marker by Letraset.

This special type of felt-tip pen has two differently designed tips, one fine for detail and a coarser one, called a chisel, for coloring large areas. The tips are made of high density polystyrene which make them precise and durable over time.

promarker punta fine e a scalpello

The alcohol-based inks allow the overlapping of different colors (even different from each other) to obtain different levels of tones and opacity, thus giving the designer the possibility to create an infinite range of colors.

Excellent effects are also obtained by mixing Pantone techniques with other graphic techniques. The effect obtained by adding the shaded watercolor pencils on a base drawn with the Pro markers is excellent, thus creating a drawing of great effect with volume and depth.

In addition to the ProMarker pantone markers there are the BrushMarkers that differ only in one type of tip, while the chisel one remains the same, the tip in the BrushMarker marker is a soft brush and lends itself to a multitude of strokes, in fact it is enough to change the angle and pressure to have different effects.

pennarello promarker brush punta pennello e a scalpello

With both ProMarkers and BrushMarkers excellent results are obtained using Winsor & Newton’s Bleedproof paper, as it has a particular consistency precisely for this type of marker (if you use normal sheets, the ink tends to spread out and overflow).

On Amazon both the Promarkers that the BrushMarker at a great price. The box set with the Promarkers includes the 24 shades required for fashion design, illustration and manga comics.

scala colori promarker set 24 pennarelli

The packaging of BrushMarker instead it includes the 12 fundamental shades for the design.

scala colori promarker brush 12 pezzi

The application of this tool is flat and uniform, but if you want to obtain a blended effect we recommend the use of the Blender marker, a special marker with a diluting effect on the colors, you can also buy the blender on Amazon.

promarker blender punta fine e scalpello

The strengths are:

  • Ultra-fine tip for precision strokes
  • Wide chisel tip for making numerous strokes – customizable with a blade
  • Refill bottle
  • Clean, easy and cheap refill
  • Fine tip with a round profile, certainly the most used