The most famous pencils in the field of fashion

promarker pencil point double


Surely they are the most used tools in the field of fashion, both for quick sketching and for particularly accurate designs.
Winsor & Newton are the heirs of the legendary Pantrai Tria Marker of Letraset.

This special type of marker pen has two different features, a fine detail and a larger chisel tip to color large areas. The tips are made of high density polystyrene which make them precise and durable over time.

promarker fine point and big

Promarker Blue

Alcohol based inks allow the overlapping of different colors (even different ones) to obtain different levels of tone and opacity, thus giving the designer the ability to create an endless range of colors.

They also have great effects by mixing techniques at Pantone with other graphic techniques. The effect obtained with the addition of softened watercolor pencils on a base drawn with the Pro markers is thus a great effect with volume and depth.

In addition to the Panton ProMarker markers, there are BrushMarkers that differ only for a tip tip, while the chisel stays the same, the tip in the BrushMarker pen is a soft brush and lends itself to a multitude of traits, just changing the inclination and pressure To have different effects.

 promarker brush promarker fine point and big

Both the ProMarker and the BrushMarker have excellent results using Winsor & Newton’s Bleedproof paper, as it has a particular consistency for this kind of markers (if you use plain paper, the ink tends to relax and overwrap).


On Amazon both ProMarker and BrushMarker are at a great price. Il  ProMarker set includes the 24 shades needed for fashion design, illustration and manga.


color chart promarker set 24 pencils


The BrushMarker package, on the other hand, includes the 12 key qualities for the design.

color chart promarker brush set 12 pencils



The design of this tool is flat and uniform, but if you want to get a blurred effect, it is advisable to use the Blender marker, a special color diluent pencil marker, you can also buy blender on Amazon .


promarker blender fine and big point


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