Rajola Jewelry Design Contest 2016


Rajola Jewelry Design Contest, 90 years old and not showing it “
This year Rajola Company celebrates its 90 anniversary .The first record of the company, goes back to 1926
with the gold medal awarded for first price at the Universal Exhibition in Dunedin, New Zealand.
Since then, for four generations, we have never stopped.
Coral, pearls, precious gems, colour, search of new cuts, original materials have been Rajola’s creed;
Since birth these elements have been inherent to the company’s dna.
In recognition of the founder , Giuseppe Rajola senior, and that first award back in 1926, the current
owners, Vincenzo and Mariella Rajola, have created an award for young jewelry designers.
The Contest aims to reward all unpublished projects which will offer an original contribution to the design
of a jewel made with natural gems, coral, pearls with and without diamonds. The awards are divided in two
1) Evergreen: the classic jewel revisited, updated, without the needless modernized with new cuts,
2) Tomorrow: power to fantasy, a young and intriguing jewel. The newest and most extravagant
materials. Targeting teenagers that want to wow young women. The object that is the centre of
discussion, of which Girlfriends ask for.
Members of the jury have been selected from qualified Professionals of design, communication and
marketing. The Jury, that shall act by majority and their judgement is final and unquestionable, as follows:
ALBA CAPPELLIERI, Director of Jewels Design at Politecnico di Milano
ANDREA MARIA ROMANO, Director of Tarì Design School, Marcianise
WENDY YOTHERS, Chairman of Jewelry Design al Fashion Institute of Technology, New York
GIUSEPPE GAETA, Director Accademia di Belle Arti, Napoli
MARK SMELZER, Publisher JCK Magazine, New York
PEDRO PEREZ, Publisher Grupo Duplex, Barcellona
GIOVANNI MICERA, Director presso Preziosa Fashion Jewelry Style, Napoli
MARIELLA RAJOLA, Head of Study & Design Centre of Rajola, Torre del Greco
The organization will preselect the best 100 projects, and among these the Jury will select 3 winners for
each of the two categories. The winners will receive the following rewards:
First prize: 1,000 euro
Second prize: 500 euro
Third prize: 250 euro
A Rajola Award is added to the above prizes : a formative stage of at least one week in Rajola Co for
one or more designers. This award is subject only to the Rajola’s Co Study & Design Centre evaluation.
Jury will evaluate the drawings on the basis of the coherence of the value system that has always
distinguished Rajola: originality, portability, emotion in a jewel.
Therefore will be essential the level of innovation, of wearability, of compliance to the Contest themes and
of reproduction of the project.
Proclamation of the winning project will take place the 10th October 2016, during the show “Tarì Mondo
Prezioso”, Marcianise, Italy
Wide publicity will be given on the media and web sector, on Rajola’s website and facebook page, etc…..
After the award ceremony, at Rajola’s unquestionable decision, some projects will be made and presented
in Rajola’s 2017 new collections with the designer’s name. The authors of the projects could also be
involved in the production of the rewarded works.
The participation is opened to all designers who within 31 march 2016, are under 35 years of age.
It is possible, for each participant, to present more than one distinct design project, to be sent with
separate registration applications to the Contest. The project must be unpublished and made specially for
the Contest. The Contest is individual. Collective participations are not allowed.
Enter the Contest means the unconditional acceptance of the present call and of its rules, as well as Jury’s
Projects have to be delivered within 30th June 2016. Those interested to enrol the Contest should send a
mail to contest@rajola.it containing:
1. Application form filled and signed (see page 3 of application form file);
2. The project proposal contained in max 2 files size A4 in PDF or JPG, 300dpi resolution, in colour,
free scale, with name of the project on the above left side of the page, and the name of the
category for which it competes (“Evergreen” or “Tomorrow”) on the above right side of the page,
without any name or signature of the designer (see page 4 of application form file);
3. The synthetic report (max 800 characters ) in Word or PDF format, with the name of the project on
the above left side of the page, the inspirational sources and/or the description of the material
used and add the eventual basic sketches that show the evolution of the project (see page 4 of
application form file).
For further info, we invite you to visit the page dedicated to the project:
“Rajola Jewels Contest, 90 and not showing it ” on our website www.rajola.it
The participant authorizes, without any reservation the use of the project, in all means and in any format,
for all the documentary and promotional publications relative to the Contest.
Besides, the participant grants that, authorized uses said above will not damage rights of third parties, such
as example, the designers, portrait subjects, etc. What’s more, Participant, acknowledges that failure to
comply to these rules will imply the automatic exclusion from the Contest.
The Participant, with the enrolment to Contest will exonerate the organization from any responsibility to
third parties, that might consider themselves damaged regarding the ownership of the works.
The project received will not be returned and will become property of Rajola Company who can freely use
Project, the intellectual property of the proposed project, and disclose in any occasion the names of the