Concorso reshoes 2017


Creative contest tor a new footwear concept


  1. Contest company

This contest is organized and run by the footwear brand Patrizio Dolci based in Caselle in Pittari, e.da Mararoso (SA) ltaly – Tel. no. +39 0974 988144

In collaboration with3DiTALY



  1. Contestgoals

Entrants are called to redesign the footwear concept.

Scenariono. 1: Redesign one of the current Patrizio Dolci capsules. Scenariono. 2: Redesign the footwear concept.



  1. Who can take pa rt in thecontest

This contest is free to enter.

Though specifically targeted at designers, fashion stylists and pattern makers, anyone who has got the right skills can take part in it.

You can either participate as a single person or as a team (teams must consist of a maximum of 3 members)

  1. Requiredprojects

Entrants are meant to submit one A3 page (mm 297 x mm 420,orientation of your choice) with the explicative images ofyour concept design. You can decide if submitting a sketched design by hand or a digitized one.

Moreover,you are free to get your design across with sketches, schemes, describing images and axonometrics views.

In case of sketched designs by hand, they must be scanned and saved in a high resolution JPG,PDF, STL or OBJ format. Blurry or grainy tables are not to beaccepted. Furthermore, describing concepts, photos and videos can enhance projects in order to

better communicate your ideas. Entrants are requested to fili in ali the fields in the application form: NAME and SURNAME or TEAM NAME/ EMAIi/TOWN/ TELEPHONE NUMBER/ MODEL NOME/



  1. Guidelinesandmetricdata

No limits to creativity but it willbe necessary to comply with the guidelines at the design stage:

  • PatrizioDolciproductioncapsulesmustbethestartingpointforyourdesigns.


  1. Evaluationcriteria

Designs willbe assessed on the basis of the following selection criteria:

  • Conceptandsingularity
  • Optimisationoftherealisationprocesses
  • Aestheticvalue
    • Modularity andscalability
    • Easeuseandergonomics

For the selection purpose the 1o finalists can submit either sketched designs by hand or digitized files.



  1. Deadline for conceptsubmission

Projects shall be submitted through the form on the contest website by no later then 11.59 pm of 10th Aprii2017.


  1. Prizes

The 1O selected projects willhave the opportunityto participate in the rapid prototyping full immersion and in the footwear production workshop withinthe Patrizio Dolci craftsmen community.

On 14th May, during the final event, the 10 30-printed scale concept designs will be presented. Furthermore,the winner will be proclaimed andwill see his/her idea come to life thanks to the Patrizio Dolci craftsmen community. The lodging and board expenses of the lO finalists will be provided by the company, whereas the travelexpenses shall be borne by the participants.



Patrizio Dolci


 )- l)ek;    Q30TALY




1O. Procedures

03th March: competition notice publication; 10th Aprii:deadline for concept submission;

28th Aprii:proclamation of the 1O finalists who willparticipate in the in-company rapid prototypingfull immersion and in the footwear production workshop.

From 11th to 14th May: An in-company full immersion with the Patrizio Dolci craftsmen community

14th May: final event and concepts presentation


  1. lntellectualproperty

The authors of the submitted designs shall retainall intellectual property on their projects;

any demand with respect to the exploitation of the projects shall be requested in advance to the author(s).



  1. Privacy

In accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30th June 2003, persona! data supplied by the participants willbe processed for the sole purpose of the selection procedures, ensuring the highest level of confidential ity of the individuals’ privacy and of the documentation provided and the right to freely rectify or cancel them according to the Law.


  1. AnyQuestions?

Contact us either via mailor by phone Contest Manager: Stefania Fiscina Phone: +39 0974 988144