Roberto Capucci

(1930; Italy) After attending the Art High School and the Fine Arts Academy, Capucci inclines to fashion without even realizing it, and he held his first fashion show in his youth (1951), with success and stir (Christian Dior called him a boy prodigy ). In ’58 he got the Fashion Oscar thanks to his “box line”: it is the first time an Italian designer get this prize, as well as in Paris, where he moved from ’62 to ’69, he was offered the opportunity to sign a perfume (also in this case it is the first time for an Italian).

Capucci is ranked as the greatest creator of Italian Haute Couture unique pieces, in fact he hated follow the fashion trends and models of the moment (like some dresses features and dates and places of the fashion shows, actually his fashion shows took place in museums, historic buildings or academies). Also during the fashion shows, he be exceptional because he entertained with exhibitions and moreover he used particular materials such as plastic, straw, fiberglass, etc. to make clothes and he stood out against the Top Model phenomenon. So unique garments made by unusual materials. All these clothes were very uncomfortable, not practical and used for very special moments, but they made this “researcher”, a famous man and a milestone in fashion history. That’s why the presentations of his dresses were not really fashion shows but exhibitions held in picturesque settings like aristocratic palaces, art galleries and prestigious museums.

Anyway Capucci was worried about the vulgarity and rampant bad taste.

Also his inspirations come from different encourages: the feeling with the nature and all its components. In short time, his shows were not traditional fashion shows but unique and unrepeatable creation of an artist: he didn’t like be called designer because his clothes were made with a lot of fabric (up to 180 m), moreover always very high quality fabric (for example the ermesino taffeta, raw rare silk, etc..) and for each one it took about 4 months to make it. In short, he is a true artist.