(1940; Italy) After his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, he began making a series of flower prints on knit also cooperating with important Italian knitting mills. His first creations suffer from the Tuscan handicraft tradition. Roberto Cavalli is peculiar because he is a designer but first a craftsman, he develops the idea but also thinks about the realization.

Lover of the skin, in the ’70s patented a special printing process to be implemented on this specific fabric. It also creates patchworks of materials and colors, and is distinguished by its source of inspiration, that is the nature, and collection after collection, makes his way to interpret the skin, passing by python liveries in rich embroidery and precious inlays, giving to the skin new colors and reflections.
In the 70s too Roberto Cavalli realizes is symbol -garment: the jeans. The jeans Cavalli are not ordinary, they are cut, reassembled and decorated with fabrics and precious metals.
Each of his new collection has a very strong impact, and it’s printed collections of denim, made of inlaid leather, animal prints, brocades and, always focusing on glamour: in fact, he creates for charismatic and very sophisticated women whose personality is emphasized by the sensual lines of his clothes.
After a break, in 90’s Cavalli comes back to deal with fashion together with his wife and the first fashion show is held in Milan in 1994, presenting aged denim using a special sand blasting process.
His style is extreme, it’s a fusion between art and fashion (perhaps influenced by his grandfather, who was an important painter) and its importance is also due to his particular materials and new technologies research in the field of fashion.