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Sourcing and Selecting Textiles for Fashion



Written with the innovative fashion student in mind, Sourcing and Selection of Textiles for Fashion offers a comprehensive overview of the current textile market and shows how to apply this knowledge to create a fashion collection.

After a brief look at the historical growth of fashion textiles in industry and culture, the book explores the production, design, procurement and end use of fashion textiles. Natural and man-made fibers are treated together with modern fabrics. Different types of design for industrial and custom fabrics are listed including dyeing, printing, embellishing and fabric handling are covered. A current sustainability and innovation perspective is offered in each area.

Color photographs and illustrations complement informative text throughout the book, and the text includes a section with interviews with designers of different levels and markets, focusing on how to select and source fabrics and apply them to their designs.



Language: English

ISBN-10: 2940496102
ISBN-13: 978-3848001217
Dimensions: 13.1 x 10.3 x 2.3 inches
Pages : 208
Edition: 2014

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