History of Fashion XVIII-XXI century

Over the past three centuries, modern fashion has emerged. It came out of the courts and, accompanying all the social transformations of these three hundred years, it has affected an increasing number of people to the point of becoming a mass phenomenon. In this long path, a professional, productive and commercial organization has been established, which has also grown and changed over time: from marchandes de modes to haute couture, up to industrial packaging. Contrary to what happened previously, modern fashion has attributed a prominent role to the creative aspect. The couturiers of the Parisian fashion houses and the stylists have often been the interpreters of the new. Some of their names are inextricably linked to the most important cultural and lifestyle changes that have occurred from the mid-nineteenth century to today. For a long time they have been the fundamental reference points for the entire fashion industry, but above all for the public who served themselves in their ateliers, who bought in their boutiques or who looked at their models in magazines to choose the wardrobe for the new season. Modern fashion was born in Paris and remained there for more than two centuries, but over the course of the twentieth century other centers were able to interpret the changes taking place better or in a more timely manner: New York, Florence and Rome, London, Milan and then Paris again.


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