Is an annual talent scouting competition promoted by the non-profit consortium MarediModa Scarl, with the aim to support the creativity of young students from over 100 among the most prestigious European schools of fashion design, in particular beachwear and lingerie. The objective is to promote the European culture and creativity of young and vibrant new talents.

The contest, organized by MAREDIMODA (the international beachwear and underwear fabrics trade show held once a year at the Palais Des Festivals in Cannes, France), challenges participants to design a mini-collection of beachwear or lingerie created using special fabrics supplied at no cost to the finalists (fabrics only, no embroideries or laces, nor accessories) by the MarediModa member companies.

The participation is free and students all fashion design or young graduated coming from European schools (max age 26). Finalists of previous editions are not allowed to participate again.

Activity Areas: Each student must choose one of the following categories:





Judging criteria: Projects allowed to enter the contest will be judged according to the following important criteria:


  1. Feasibility of the project
  2. Innovative feature and real application
  3. Research content
  4. Use of printed fabrics


HOW TO APPLY: All candidates must submit the following papers no later than 15 April 2016: a) an application form, filled out in all its parts, duly signed and a passport size photo. Incomplete application forms will not be accepted. We invite you to register yourself online: b) a sketch book containing: sketches of the 4 outfits. Please indicate personal information (designer’s first and last name) and a full technical description on the back of each sketch.

Each sketch must be numbered and it must be accompanied by a short text illustrating: the spirit of the collection, type of fabric, and an up-to-date curriculum vitae (written in English, French or Italian).

Application forms missing any of the above information will not be accepted. All materials must be received by MarediModa by 15 April 2016. Projects will not be returned and it will be included in the archive of THE LINK Please send your parcel to the following address: MAREDIMODA – THE LINK VIA RAIMONDI 1 22100 COMO

The organization asks participants to send their applications by priority mail, to indicate clearly on the parcel “documents” to avoid customs controls, and declaring a value of no more than 25€. The sender takes all responsibility for any customs charges by ticking the appropriate box in the space indicated on the shipping document. Participants must follow these instructions because the organization declines any responsibility for customs charges and would be compelled to refuse receipt of such packets. Alternatively, participants can send all the documents and the sketches by using to the following e-mail addresses: and or sending us a DROPBOX link.



First Observatory: Composed by fashion industry professionals, under the aegis of MarediModa’s board.
Final Jury: The Final Jury will be international and composed by members of high profile coming from the world of design and from fashion system which will evaluate the artworks selected by the First Observatory. The Jury’s president will be MarediModa’s chairman. 4 will be the finalists of each project area. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A PROJECT IS SELECTED Semifinalists_ The First Observatory will examine all projects submitted by April the 15th.


The results will be published immediately on MarediModa website ( and on THE LINK Facebook group. Semifinalists will be notified immediately. Each participant is responsible for providing correct contact information to the contest organizers as well as any change which might occur throughout the selection. Semifinalists will be asked to create 1 prototype which must correspond to the sketches submitted during the contest application phase. Semifinalists will receive generic beachwear and lingerie textiles (according to the category chosen) which can be used to create the prototype that, in turn, must be submitted no later than 16 July 2016 Finalists_ A panel of judges will name finalists among the semifinalists. The results will be published on MarediModa’s website ( and on THE LINK group on Facebook. The organization will notify immediately all the selected finalists who will receive a selection of fabrics suitable to carry out their mini collection according to original sketches they sent during the first selection phase. All finalists will be invited to Cannes (both travel and accommodation at MarediModa’s charge) on the occasion of MarediModa IntimodiModa trade show from 7 (setting up day) until 10 November 2016 (accommodation information will be communicated in due time).


A mini atelier will be set up for each finalist taking part in the trade show, they will have the opportunity to show their artworks as in a real showroom setting. A professional photo shooting with models will be organized during the show. Finalists will be judged by a technical jury present at the trade show and by the visitors’ vote. An Official Ceremony Award, held during the event, will appoint the winners of the contest. On this occasion they will be introduced to press, to fashion brands and style bureaux. Finalists’ creations will be shown during a special fashion show. A photo shooting and a video followed by a press release will report the event. A special mention will be dedicated to the winners and their creations will be mentioned on international magazines and specialized websites. 2nd winners will of each category will receive a cash price of 500€. Winners will receive a cash prize of 1000 € (which will be transferred to the winner within 31st December 2016). The winners will have the chance of experiencing an internship in an international company. The finalist will have the opportunity to participate in Immagine Italia by Mare d’Amare the beachwear trade show scheduled in July 2017 in Florence


Their collections will parade together with those of leading international brands.