Who is On Next? Not merely a contest but a true SCOUTING PROJECT ORGANIZED BY ALTAROMA IN COLLABORATION WITH VOGUE ITALIA whose aim is the scouting and promotion of young creative talents on the national and international fashion scene. A contest targeted specifically at those designers who already produce their own MADE-IN-ITALY creations. The winners are judged by a prestigious, international jury consisting of industry members and authoritative players on the domestic market.

Dedicated to women’s collections, in  the CLOTHING and ACCESSORIES categories, in June, 2009, PITTI IMMAGINE AND L’UOMO VOGUE joined forces to extend the opportunity of competition participation to the YOUNG DESIGNERS OF MEN’S CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES.


A real helping hand to promote the research and development of Italian-made goods,
supported by Altaroma, the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) and “Vogue Italia”
promotion excluded from prize contests (art. 6, para. 1 of Presidential Decree no. 430 of
The project’s categories are:
P-à-P womenswear
Accessories (bags, footwear, hats and jewellery).
The initiative is open to all new Italian and foreign talents who:
• produce their own collection in Italy and provide for its distribution (via at least one store or e-commerce platform);
• have already produced no more than two or three collections, but have been unable to continue for financial reasons.
Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Only designers (individual persons) may take part.
Each candidate must send a single envelope containing:
• brand profile
• designer profile
• line sheet of the last two collections, images of already produced collections, USB flash-drive videos of any presentations, or any materials concerning the designer’s collections
• mood boards, drawings, images, texts and/or textile samples to describe and explain the designer’s style and choices concerning their new SS 2018 collection
• complete address and number of stores in which the talent’s garments have been presented or sold, or any presentations by retailers, journalists, designers or manufacturers that have already previewed the collection. Statements made in the
application will have to be suitably documented
• fully completed and signed application form with acceptance of regulations (downloadable from www.altaroma.it altaroma.it )
• statement of the brand’s exclusive legal ownership, if the designer uses a registered brand name. If the brand is under joint ownership, each owner must include a completed application form. If the brand is owned by a company, the participation of the designer(s) is only permitted if he/she/they possess a combined qualifying holding of no less than 20% in the company’s capital stock (a Chamber survey must also be included). In any event, participants must declare that they are authorised to use the brand.
NB: In the case of collections created jointly by more than one designer, it is necessary to fill out an application form for each designer to be included in the same envelope.
All texts included in the documentation must be in both Italian and English, with both paper and digital copies. In no case will submitted materials be returned.
The envelope containing the materials must be sent to the following address:

Via dell’Umiltà 48, cap 00187, Rome.
Applications must be sent by the final deadline of 12:00pm on 1st April 2017, otherwise they will be excluded from the procedure.
The envelope must be perfectly sealed and bear the name and address of the sender on the outside, along with the following heading:
ALTAROMA – Progetto “Who is on Next? Donna”

The envelope must be sent via registered mail with advice of delivery, by private courier or by an authorised delivery agency that is able to issue certification stating the date of acceptance of the envelope. The delivery of the envelope remains exclusively at the sender’s risk, should it fail to arrive at destination for any reason. Materials received with a delivery note and/or postage stamp dated later than the indicated deadline will not be taken into consideration.
A Commission composed of officials from Altaroma and Vogue Italia will preside over the selection of the finalists. The winners, meanwhile, will be nominated by a Jury composed of the same members of the Commission combined with professionals from the sector (manufacturers, distributors, Italian and foreign retailers), and the Italian and international press.
The Commission will announce its final decision by 1st June 2017, selecting up to a maximum of twelve finalists for the two P-à-P womenswear and accessories categories.
The results will be communicated to all finalists by letter and subsequently announced in a press release. The outcome of the selection will be publicised on the project’s dedicated website (Altaroma and Vogue Italia websites). There will be no classification listing for excluded participants.
The Jury will be responsible for nominating the winners, and its final decision will indicate up to a maximum of three winners from the project’s two categories. The winners may be chosen from a single category. Special mentions may also be acknowledged.
At the Altaroma event in July 2017, the Jury will examine the finalists’ collections during a trunk show for an initial technical assessment. As part of the calendar for Altaroma June  2017, Altaroma will make arrangements to stage a catwalk event for all the finalists of the P-à-P Womenswear category. During this event, titled “Who is on Next?”, the finalists will present their mini collections (a preview of 12 outfits from their SS 2018 collections) to the press and buyers.
Also within the calendar of Altaroma June 2017, Altaroma will make arrangements to stage an event/installation for all the finalists of the Accessories category. During this event, titled “Who is on Next?”, the finalists will present a preview of their SS 2018 mini collections (12-16 pieces) to the press and buyers. Only in this case will expenses of accommodation, transport and presentation be paid by the organiser within an established budget. The announcement of the winners will follow.
Collective catwalk/presentation organised entirely at the expense of Altaroma in the city of Rome in July 2017, for the finalists of the P-à-P Womenswear category. Installation/show organised entirely at the expense of Altaroma in the city of Rome in July 2017, for the finalists of the Accessories category.
Special feature dedicated to the winners of the “Who is on Next?” contest published in “Vogue Italia” and conceived by a renowned photographer.
The administration reserves the right to provide for further awards.
January – Publication of an excerpt of the regulations in “Vogue Italia”.
March – Publication of an excerpt of the final regulations in “Vogue Italia”.
July – Finalists’ show and announcement of the winners.
September – Presentation of all finalists in Milan during the prêt-à-porter fashion week.
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