(1943; Japan) After a degree in law, Yamamoto attended the prestigious Bunka Fashion College where he obtained a diploma in 1969. In 1971, thanks also to the experience gained in his mother’s tailor lab, he introduced his own brand in Tokio with the collection called Y’s. Then he decided to move to Paris together with his long time friend Rei Kawabuko, later founder of brand “Comme des Garçons” brand.  At first, in the French capital, it was not so easy because of the language and  the western conformist mentality. Paris was shocked by Yohji creations whose purpose was to offer an alternative kind of fashion. In 1981 he made his debut in Parisian Haute Couture with his first collection –  branded as “Post-atomic” and “End of the world” – with ultra-thin shoes, indefinite cuts, big rips on the fabrics  and black alternated to white and grey.

While people were searching for a soft feminine silhouette, Yohji tasted mostly for the simplicity and functionality of lines using and exploring the geometric texture. He gained the name “Fashion Rebel” and “King of deconstruction”. In 1990 Yohji and Kawabuko broke up .  Kawabuko  explored the world of colors, Yamamoto went on with his research of the dark tones and black and dedicated himself to fabrics mixing technological threads with more noble and sophisticated ones to obtain an absolutely original result. Recently the fashion designer worked with famous brand as Adidas, for  a  sportswear  collection named Y-3, Hermès and Mandarina Duck.